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Their enhanced mobility might someday prove as liberating as the first upright steps of hominid ancestors long ago.
Journalists serve the public with their daily reports about our studies of flu vaccines and voting patterns and hominid fossils.
The world in which our hominid ancestors evolved was pretty similar to the world in which these monkeys live.
Imagine an album with a photograph of each member of the hominid family.
Our hominid ancestors are forced into the water to find food.
Fossils are the principal evidence of hominid evolution, but they take scientists only so far.
He starts fairly sedately, with chapters on hominid evolution and visual perception.
The overwhelming trait of our hominid species is denial when facts conflict with self-interest.
The sculptures emphasize that our predecessor species did not simply succeed one another, each hominid more evolved than the last.
The dispute is about whether the six to seven million-year-old fossil is a hominid or an ape.
There's also a fun interactive station where you can literally morph yourself into an early hominid.
The researcher also believes that climate, food, and geography were major influences on hominid migration patterns.
But the picture the authors paint of a bigger-brained hominid is fascinating nonetheless.
And if you were a sensible hominid ancestor, you would avoid small caves where you could be easily hunted or starved of oxygen.
If dog to fox is microevolution, then it seems that hominid to human would also be microevolution.
In the incipient hominid society, females became allocated to males more equally.
The perceived importance of a new hominid find is certainly enhanced if it is found to be one of our direct progenitors.
Our hominid ancestors lost the need for a tail before they began walking upright.
There is no evidence of any extinction of any hominid species during this time period.
Yet this bony protrusion at the end of the lower jaw is not seen in any other hominid species.

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