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Example sentences for homing

Scientists find that some types of sea snake possess homing behavior that may scupper conservation efforts.
Pigeons' homing instinct makes them excellent messengers.
Yet they have an incredible homing instinct that leads them back to favored aeries.
Problem is, with homing pigeons, they only travel one way.
Only then can it conduct its search-homing in on objects that have shapes similar to the cup's, until it finds a match.
Other homing species probably use similar mechanisms, but few can match such precision.
She has a natural homing pigeon instinct, never gets lost, remembers a place after being there once and is great with her hands.
Homing in on the hypertrichosis gene may not be easy, given the extraordinary rareness of the condition.
At last, however, medical scientists believe they are homing in on the source of the sickness.
Firms flirted with all sorts of businesses before homing in on patented pharmaceuticals as the model for modern big drugmakers.
Cell phones can also be used as homing beacons for air attacks.

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