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After an unexpected homicide at the halfway point, both films fall apart.
It must be very difficult to calculate homicide rates in prehistoric societies.
The charges included murder, conspiracy and negligent homicide.
And the homicide unit is working on the theory that the killer was a woman.
What started as a hunt for a missing 10-year-old is now a homicide investigation.
The jury returned a verdict reciting only that he was guilty of reckless homicide.
The death was ruled a homicide.
The cops linked his car to one that's sought in a Texas homicide.
Our cousin is a real-life private detective and points out homicide scenes as we drive around.
In 1954, King shot a man who was trying to rob one of his gambling houses and it was ruled a justifiable homicide.
Sasha is so soft-spoken he seems shy, when in fact he is a homicide detective who weighs his words.
Dexter hears from his colleagues that there's a homicide alert.
Moreover, the official homicide figures are believed to be understated.
For the rest of the sample the link between inequality and homicide does not hold.
Because his family has money and is making a big stink, it is ruled a homicide.
But the conclusion that it caused a huge increase in the homicide rate is almost certainly wrong.
Identify initial interventions with the survivor over the short term period following a homicide.

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