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Example sentences for homework

Do your homework as to what hops will grow best for you.
Sweeter still, these little laws allow us to sound intellectual without having to do any homework.
She tends to forget her homework and is unprepared for tests.
Make a good impression at your interview by doing a little homework beforehand.
Thus, it is important to do your homework before setting off on a journey across state lines.
Kids may be worried about homework, teachers and that pesky bully this school year.
The writer of this article didn't quite do his homework.
Anyone who is still hanging on to this human-induced global warming foolishness is not doing their homework.
She had been doing her homework, she said, and each of the scraps contained one of the words she was supposed to learn.
But a real skeptic does their homework before they spout off.
Poor children would do better if their parents could help them more with their homework, it suggests.
My middle schoolers have had to do in excess of six hours of homework some nights.
Investors will have to do their homework and understand the risks.
Bookish parents read more to their children, use a larger vocabulary when they talk to them and prod them to do their homework.
Professional parents shuttle their kids from choir practice to baseball camp and check that they are doing their homework.
While the rest of the band sloped off to get stoned, he did his business-studies homework and wrote up their tax returns.
The staff offer help with homework and other skills.
Film students aren't the only ones producing videos for homework these days.
When students consulted library books and resources to complete their homework, diversions stopped.
At the outset, our students wrote quickly and haphazardly, producing incomprehensible homework.
These printable maps are great for geography lessons or homework help.
So if you're stuck on a homework problem, go out and play a game of soccer, then try the problem again.
It seems someone was working on a homework question.
It's a testing ground where a musician shows off the fruits of his homework.
They do not check homework, chauffeur to lessons, or organize games.
He will therefore defer his major presentation, he says, until he has done his homework.
Unfortunately, the author did not do his essential homework before rushing into print.
These self-proclaimed defenders of scholarship standards might start by doing some homework.
Although the couple hired a nanny to help the children with their homework, little homework got done.
We make sure all that homework gets done before the song finds its way into the show.
The producers really trust us to do our homework and show up with our own answers.
The role of scientists is to due their homework and find out all of the implications of a proposed scheme before publishing.
If that's really what you think, you have not done your homework.
Children use the library for recreation, but also for homework.
Hey, nobody told me that having a blog would involve homework.
And her team had already done much of the homework that would be needed.
While some children were finishing their homework or reading bedtime stories, those with games were mashing buttons.
Let me do my own homework and figure out if this is true.
When getting stuck on homework problems in math courses such as algebra, there are many websites online that can help.
Thanks to all of you in advance for doing the homework, and commenting.
It's late, you're almost done plowing through homework.
Parents want their kids to be influenced by friends as long as the friends do their homework and are well behaved.
The truth is that there's less homework now, and he didn't do it.
Homework booklet for parents of elementary and junior high school students.

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