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Example sentences for hometown

Keep in touch with your friends from graduate school or your hometown buddies.
For me, it was a time to see the world away from my hometown and parents' influence.
He continued to return regularly to his hometown, however.
He certainly believes that his hometown should preserve fewer old buildings.
Three of my favorite things in one place: small aircraft, good beer, and the hometown vibe.
Public urination is a big problem in my hometown: hordes of drunken tourists, all filled up with nowhere to go.
It's also an apt description of the tech sector in his hometown.
He starts rattling off names and functions of the equipment in the manner of someone describing his hometown neighborhood.
The path to preserve and revitalize the weaving traditions of her hometown has been slow.
They are now back in their hometown and want to share their experiences with everyone.
Playing for tens of thousands of hometown fans: been there.
It was a dream come true to play for the hometown team for five wonderful years.
Use this application to find your high school or hometown.
In my hometown, imperialism bred a pervasive racism.

Famous quotes containing the word hometown

Prophets are not without honor, except in their hometown, and among their own kin, and in their own house.... more
Henry David Thoreau, who never earned much of a living or sustained a relationship with any woman that wasn't brotherly‚... more
crew member [offscreen]: That's an awful big town San Francisco. Weinberg: Strictly a one-whistle stop. There's only one... more
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