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Some are made of fine wool while others are composed of homespun yarn.
Pausing in his duties, a ruddy-faced lamplighter in plain homespun pauses to carouse with his fellows in the village streets.
His kingship was conspicuous by its workday homespun.
Several months later, the first pernicious homespun code appeared.
Human-rights campaigners point out that a number of notable homespun intellectuals are in jail.
She lambasted rulers with homespun humor, and exhorted people to join her at protests.
Some of the smaller papers were special because they had a homespun, regional flavor.
He has never offered me homespun advice that was no less true because it took the form of familiar bromides.
It's not the first time modern technology has been shamed by the homespun methods of the locals.
It has a homespun flavor and has been subjected to rigid kitchen and laboratory tests before getting into commercial production.
Rooms are decorated in pastel colors and homespun meals are served in the restaurant.
The smoke-free rooms have a homespun, country feel, with pine wood accents and private balconies overlooking the river.
Her image was miraculously imprinted on his homespun cloak, which hangs behind the altar of the church.
We pray for our troops serving far away from the warmth of family and homespun traditions.
The homespun setting is a long way from the spotlit, beech-wood minimalism of chic contemporary dining.
Homespun family values may be churned into your consciousness and close to your heart.
Her homespun skirts were tied around her ankles after she climbed the rungs that they had climbed.
He was noted for his homespun humor, honesty, and skill as an entertaining public speaker.
It is difficult to describe the dozens of styles of tip-ups available commercially and the dozens more of homespun varieties.
His graceful picking, gentle crooning, and homespun lyrics marked him as an exceptionally talented musician.
We pray for our troops serving far away from the warmth of family and homespun traditions.
From it were woven the homespun garments of our pioneers and the tops of their covered wagons.
Her folksy style settles you in quickly for a homespun tour of the area and it's amazing history.
These manufacturers are a far cry from their homespun antecedents.
Early industries included the carding of wool for homespun cloth and the tanning of hides for leather.

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