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Example sentences for homesick

The logic behind it is that the new bride won't miss her old village as much and will be less likely to get homesick.
He was awfully homesick at first, but now he has won his place in his own little world and he is all right.
The market is famous for catering to the culinary cravings of homesick expatriates and rootless cosmopolitans.
He's homesick on the first day of spring training every year.
When you're homesick, sometimes it doesn't seem enough to keep in touch by phone or email.
Pistachio and pale blue are summer colors but they are also homesick colors.
Discuss with these students the idea of being homesick or being happy to be home after a long vacation.
They remembered her visits to camp--to minister to the wounded, cheer the homesick, and comfort the dying.
She left the seminary, homesick and ill with the flu, but unconverted to church membership.
They're scared, homesick and they miss their families.
Camper becomes homesick to the point he/she is unable to participate in activities.
War weary and homesick, they would soon find that the life they knew prior to the war no longer existed.

Famous quotes containing the word homesick

If it form the one landscape that we the inconstant ones Are consistently homesick for, this is chiefly Bec... more
Chinese were born ... with an accumulated wisdom, a natural sophistication, an intelligent naivete, and unless they were... more
You left me last evening, and I am already half homesick about it. Possibly I would not have thought about ... more
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