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If he explains fully, with lots of homely illustrations and comparisons, he is apt to lose his readers in a haystack of details.
More homely galaxies, too, may be controlled by their starbursts.
In this day and age, a simple solvent will suffice to turn homely vegetation into a source of precious metals.
Two years is a long time to travel for a blind date, especially if it's a rather homely piece of rock hurtling through space.
After being bitten by an undead patient, a homely nurse transforms into a comely ghoul.
The entire novel is marked by this turn toward the homely and the unnoticed.
His homely approach, cautious support for reform and will to get things done could appeal to voters.
Six years ago it created a homely centre for those in care.
She reverses the usual, she hitches her star to a wagon, transfixing homely daily phrases for poetic purposes.
The careful local observations and homely details of his poems often have deep symbolic, even metaphysical, significance.
Besides, a certain homely style can make your adversaries underestimate you.
It was hardy--but a little homely in the eyes of camellia connoisseurs.
And if a severe cold spell hits, this homely picture can get pretty ugly.
Homely and boastful with no cause, he was ridiculed within his own people.
If yon allow yourselves to grow old and homely the world has no use for you.

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