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Though the country is rich in natural gas, unemployment and homelessness are common.
Throughout time, the cultivation of a beard has conveyed everything from wisdom and virility to homelessness and insanity.
But it is well established that being a veteran is a risk factor for homelessness.
They have come across many adjuncts living in poverty, some of them homeless or on the verge of homelessness.
Jobless, penniless and on the brink of homelessness.
If she were on the brink of homelessness desperate measures would be necessary, but that's not the situation.
They wrung their hands over the economic crisis and my potential homelessness and starvation.
Today homelessness is affecting a growing share of families with children too.
Foreclosures and job losses have caused people to move, and homelessness is up.
It should be no surprise that ex-inmates have high rates of unemployment and homelessness.
It's expensive and its high levels of homelessness are ultimately a result of mega-developers controlling the political process.
He has tried to re-create a kind of prelapsarian downtown where there is no crime or homelessness.
Adoption is a mere band aid to poverty, disease, disaster and homelessness.
As overall homelessness surges, chronic homelessness is declining.
So emptying the hospitals, the skeptics say, is not the major cause of homelessness.
Understanding homelessness is the first step to creating solutions.

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