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Example sentences for homeland

It doesn't travel well and is better in its homeland.
They were new immigrants, there for the money, and not happy to be out of their homeland.
Fate, he said, had chosen a better path for him in his homeland.
But at its core is the story of a people who, for five centuries, have been longing to call their homeland their own.
The process has been accelerated by the new emphasis on homeland security.
Strangers congratulated him on his homeland's high-octane engagement with developing countries.
Her subjects identified two main reasons for their decision to quit the homeland.
And, anyway, there is a homeland to protect these days.
And colleges are offering degrees in homeland-security management.
Perhaps only because its followers were forced out of their homeland by their enemies.
They follow the same form: relief mixed with jubilation that law enforcement is keeping our homeland safe.
Homeland-Showtime's latest original series, which premiered last night-is a gripping, intelligent thriller with a lot to say.
Have students write a brief essay about the meaning of the terms native land or homeland.
Their homeland is remote, located in desolate mountains, without easy access or modern communications.
Few observers expect diplomacy to restore equal serenity to his homeland.
Many of the songs glorified the life, loves and ideals of youths who were expected to build and defend their new homeland.
We brushed past this homeland security, went into our suite, and had a party.
When power and resources are exhausted, then the homeland is drained.
They also provide the possibility of strengthening our homeland security by weakening our enemies.
Oil pipelines and colonization had swept into their homeland.
Loosely interpreted, it means family or home, even homeland.

Famous quotes containing the word homeland

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