homebound in a sentence

Example sentences for homebound

The homebound folks also had an increased risk of other cognitive impairments and a faster rate of cognitive decline.
While teleconferencing is hardly new, it has found a new role: easing the isolation of homebound people.
First, workers caring for the homebound elderly went on strike.
Homebound elderly and disabled people who could vote by absentee ballot in primaries can't participate in caucuses.
People who suffer from this disease are in constant pain and they are often disabled and homebound.
To be homebound means that leaving home takes considerable and taxing effort.
Deliver to and pick up books from homebound patrons.
Homebound students who remain enrolled in the district are the district's responsibility for testing.
Home visits by appointment for homebound and disabled residents.
Performs a variety full performance skilled duties related to the day to day preparation of congregate and homebound meals.
The meals are delivered by volunteers who provide an outside contact and support for homebound individuals.
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