home run in a sentence

Example sentences for home run

More than the home run, more than the strikeout, the double play distills the physicality of baseball.
But he'll need a home run to offset shrinking margins.
It's not a home run, but it has a role that it can play.
They win their last game of the season on a bunt that ends up being an inside-the-park home run.
Eventually, you get the home run and makes back all your losses plus profit.
The jury failed to reach a verdict on three other counts that the home run king lied to a grand jury.
They early realized, obviously enough, that it is not necessary to look at such a complicated process as a home run.
It was a home run for him, and he got national attention.
His game-winning blast over the boundary was cricket's version of a walk-off home run.
But some experts point out that, in practice, stem cell transplants are not always a home run.
Volunteer hunter education instructors big factor in safety's home run.
Kittens and puppies are always a home run and a great birthday gift for children.
The bat is lightweight with a foam exterior, and mimics the cracking sound of hitting a home run when swung properly.

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Jen: All the other boys fall over themselves and never even get to first base. Cory: Did you ever think, Jen, that I mig... more
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