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Example sentences for home base

The home base-station pretends, in effect, to be an ordinary mobile-phone base-station.
Home base aid station will provide water, sports drink and refreshments for our participants before and after the race.
He sits at the home base and lets the undergrads do all the work.
In the morning, you'll hike back down the mountain to your home base at the lodge.
It's a good home base for cycling and bird-watching.
Still some great dark-sky viewing in and around my home base of operations.
The results are among a handful of presentations at the meeting to paint an evolving picture of our galactic home base.
What it now lacks is a home base, an infrastructure and its previous sense of impunity.
The bill failed as he knew it would but he stuck to his principle of looking out for his home base.
It's the best thing presented to date to give you a fine scan of that region without taking you away from home base.
All their friends were there, their small shops, it was home base for extended families.

Famous quotes containing the word home base

The invisible bond that gives the baby rein to discover his place in the world also brings the creeping baby back to more
Our father presents an optional set of rhythms and responses for us to connect to. As a second home base, h... more
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