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Example sentences for homage

Other senior politicians are lining up to pay homage.
Inside and out, the building is a spectacular public gesture of cultural homage.
The line between a Pitfall homage and an exploration game cliché is so thin as to require electron microscopy to locate.
The temple was filled with works of great artists and treasures of untold value, donated by believers as homage to the goddess.
When it comes to paying homage, bigger isn't always better.
If you steal boldly from other movies, theft becomes homage.
Of course you can't mention Oklahoma's history without paying homage to its cowboys.
Both author and editor believe it's an homage that stands on its own.
The artist recalls her family's move to the country in an homage to her happy childhood.
This hypnotic video is a beautiful homage to old-school Nintendo games and 8-bit music.
The nymphs bent low in homage, and all the bystanders paid reverence.
In spite of their new status and the architectural homage in the capital, their lot has hardly improved.
Most academic work pays him a brief homage, lists his work in the bibliography, and otherwise ignores him.
What he is thinking of is noble, to judge from the homage he pays it with his eyes, and it governs him entirely.
It has to do with paying homage, as well as enjoying dance.
It's white and plastic, a sure-fire homage to the iPods of yesteryear.
So our version has a lot of homage to the original series.
Abrams also pays homage to the original with a cameo by one of the old gang.
Houses that formerly paid homage to the past in many details were now becoming pared down and spare in architectural adornment.
But for many others, it is a time to pay homage to those who have served and who have fallen for their country.
He will also pay homage to all those who have given their lives in service to preserve our nation's freedom.

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