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Example sentences for holster

He almost never pulls the gun out of the holster around my neighbors kids, and when he does, he has never fired it.
Oh, and you get to wear gear on your belt-hooks, a holster for tools.
He quickly checked the magazine and the action and then returned the weapon to its holster.
Have a secure holster that completely covers the trigger.
Secondary weapon carrying options review the ankle holster, body armor holster, and the inside the pocket holster.
Once on the ground the suspect grabbed an officer's gun and tried to pull it from the holster.
Carrying a handgun in a holster in plain view is permitted.
Shooter will re-holster and repeat this procedure again on command.
Students are encouraged to bring their agency issued carry weapon, holster and other equipment.
The laser shall have a conformal design which does not impede pistol draw from a holster.
It shall not interfere with the operation of the pistol or require a special holster.

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