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Loudest of all is the sound of my own breathing, hollow and detached in the snorkel.
It had a large hollow space in its lower jaws, which may have been stored with fat that could have conducted sound to its ears.
To create your own instant workspace anywhere, put a flat birch hollow-core door atop two adjustable sawhorses.
Vaux's swifts originally roosted and nested not in chimneys but in the hollow trunks and branches of old or dead trees.
The drill has teeth around the leading edge and a hollow center.
The drill bit is a set of teeth around the leading edge of a hollow pipe.
They lower a hollow drill from a miniature derrick into lake bottoms to gather three-foot-long plugs of sediment.
Hollow, echoing sounds reflect the underlying menace that's present.
Hollow filaments may have dissipated heat, much as the frills of some modern lizards do today.
Debt forgiveness, even if it came, wouldn't relieve the misery of finding out that these were hollow promises.
As she drives out of the hollow, clumps of fog wreathe the ridgeline, and the mountainsides are washed in muted greens and grays.
You're convinced that a life without intimacy, both physical and emotional, is hollow for you.
Another student was a former model and thought to be the next great thing but completely hollow intellectually.
Given the sea of mediocrity, the claims of excellence and value seem hollow.
There is a hollow way quite filled with corpses trodden into the mire.
Otherwise he is a hollow puppet whether he is a millionaire or has scarcely a dime to bless himself with.
Yet a year and a half into the financial crisis, this defence looks hollow.
The bolder claims made for all three industries thus have a similar, hollow ring.
Having bailed out so much of the system this time round, promises not to do so again ring a touch hollow.
With industrial-scale whaling, cultural claims ring hollow.
From time to time they let hollow parties fight bogus elections, which then return them to power.
Blades hollow out semi-solids, leaving top layer unblended.
The geometry of this design allows the robot to hollow out a cavity from within the prostate gland.
The composite material is made from hollow fibers filled with epoxy resin.
Minutes after birth, a squid begins circulating seawater through a hollow chamber in its body.
Not being able to see his own face left him feeling hollow.
Chimpanzees forcibly jabbed tools into hollow trunks or branches multiple times and smelled and/or licked them upon extraction.
The ants are believed to prefer the lemon ant trees because they have hollow stems that serve as nest sites.
It prefers to nest in a natural tree hollow, but it will also use an abandoned stick nest of another species.
For example, some plants have large, hollow thorns in which the ants keep their brood.
Scientists reveal this record by inserting hollow tubes into the mud to collect sediment layers going back millions of years.
Now more than ten years later, the claim rings hollow.
The hollow spikes on the birds' beaks allowed the predators to grab slippery squid and fish from the ocean.
Instead, they deposit eggs on the ground, in a hollow tree or even in an abandoned barn.
They sting fish and other prey with tentacles armed with hollow, harpoonlike filaments that deliver toxic venom.
Larger species had slender struts inside hollow wing bones, adding strength without many additional pounds.
More crunch than munch, the males' abdomens are hollow.
Each fruit contains one or more carpels, hollow chambers that protect and nourish the seeds.
After the bodies decayed, hollow impressions remained.
Legs and feet form a solid base, but the rest of each figure is hollow.
Make nine canopy traverses, climb through a hollow fig tree, and perform rappels in the company of capuchin monkeys.
Skunks usually nest in burrows constructed by other animals, but they also live in hollow logs or even abandoned buildings.
Songbird bones may be hollow, but they're actually denser than the bones of mammals of the same size.
Lady birds store the minerals they need for building egg shells inside their hollow limb bones.
The slab of metal is mostly hollow, drilled out by machinists to leave an intricate triangular scaffold of narrow ribs.
Normally, tau proteins help to stabilize the hollow tubes called microtubules that help give cells their shape.
They may have had a hollow bone breathing system that also helped regulate their internal temperature.
The bones are seen under microscope to be virtually hollow.
Hollow organs, such as the heart, must be dilated during fixation.
So it's not a big hollow, but rather a zone of more finely structured, less ordered ice.
Another instrumental hypothesis likened the effect to how a flute produces a pure tone via resonating air in the hollow tube.
The lyrics avoid both the pat sentimentality of barroom camaraderie and the hollow rhetoric of recovery.
He began loading his guns with hollow-point bullets.
Yes, he straps on his laser-sighted, hollow-point-bullet-loaded pistol whenever he goes jogging.
Altering and cherry-picking details is an easy, hollow game for a writer.
Due to their small size a whole colony can inhabit one hollow acorn.
But, over all, the book's hyperactive visual surface covers up a certain hollow monotony in its verbal drama.
Only now can you pull the deflated bladder through the hollow trocar and into the harsh reality of the external world.
The laser traces a hollow circle over this liquid, forming the bottom layer of the cup wall, which fuses with the base.
It has all the characteristics of modern flyers including light, hollow bones and strong, sturdy wings.
She jabs a long hollow dagger through one of the holes, and through it squirts a blob made up of a few cells.
In principle, it's easy: all you need to do is slip a hollow plastic tube down the throat and into the windpipe, or trachea.
After all, a robot with legs of hollow steel is essentially a mechanical beetle.
She plants herself next to a tussock and pipes a high, shrill, hollow note.
It's able to seal itself inside a hollow coconut husk using its suckers to hold two halves of a shell in place.
Their mandibles are not hollow, which means they cannot inject anything using while biting.
The sign was on a hollow post with a hole in it, and for some reason it was resonating perfectly, magnifying the bird's peckings.
Loves were lost, lives were lost, victories were hollow.

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