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Example sentences for holistic

The purely holistic approach to medicine was brutally ineffective
To employ a healthy and holistic plan for daily life is essential for all of us.
We took a holistic perspective and considered what was of ultimate importance.
His mother is a holistic practitioner.
Harley is taking a holistic approach to the aging issue.
Rather than relying on word lists, some school districts are taking a different, more holistic method to spelling instruction.
We need to take holistic measures because the Earth is a complex eco system.
Holistic thinking means beginning with the understanding of the highest abstraction level.
The mid day meal program motivates children to attend and remain in school thereby ensuring their holistic overall development.
Comparative effectiveness research should be considered in the holistic context of the care cycle.
What needs to be done is a holistic method of solving the kind of society that creates this type of violence.
Guest rooms overlook the water and the on-site spa provides holistic and contemporary services.
In our one-dimensional, capitalist age, the holistic view of how the world works rarely comes into play.
Teacher-scholar asked if holistic grading can be used to grade the writing but not the content of essays across the curriculum.
The nurses in the health center, however, modeled a more holistic approach.
Arts education is invaluable because it is holistic education.
He began seeing a local optometrist, who is also holistic, and he recommended green tea and garlic.
Now comes the next step in the quest for holistic relaxation: salt caves.
In a telephone interview, he said that he was preaching a holistic gospel he firmly believed in.
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