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Example sentences for holiness

It is a foretaste of what human brain will accomplish when mankind is restored back to holiness.
The saint replied that he was ready to go wheresoever his holiness should think fit.
Whether or not this figure derives its holiness from its symbolic meaning may remain undecided.
What's missing from the performance is a flash of holiness that would make the character a spiritual lightning rod.
Still, there's an intrepid holiness to his prose that redeems his wayward sensibility.
Everything from a robust doctrine of purgatory to dietary laws to the usual holiness tradition stuff.
But they also argue that holiness resides in people, not buildings.
He's able to transform all these essentially simple things into a kind of wholeness and holiness.
On the one side there is the law of gravitation, and on the other the contemplation of the beauty of holiness.
He fretted that it would then be practiced more carelessly-as legal, monogamous marriage is-and its holiness would be diminished.
We scan them for a glimpse of mollifying holiness, and get instead a cruel drumming upon this world's emptiness.
The louder these powers speak about her holiness, the more the general population gets brainwashed into believing a falsehood.
The main point is that someone was able to get her name in the paper and advertise her holiness for all in town to see.
On the one side there is the law of gravitation, and on the other the contemplation of the beauty of holiness.
She has a surgeon's eye for holiness in the quotidian.
Halos are necessary to indicate holiness in pictures and in costumes.
The holiness of these three figures is indicated by the golden halos above their heads.

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Oh, the holiness of always being the injured party. The historically oppressed can find not only sanctity b... more
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