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The building, whose support columns resemble slender trees that branch out to hold up the ceiling, is still under construction.
So the librarian explained that spiral bond books don't hold up, but fall apart readily.
They were aghast at how difficult it was to put up and voiced their doubts about how well it would hold up.
Model this behavior--hold up your book and show them how you marked it and wrote in a note.
Even if it could somehow hold up as a requirement, they didn't tell you this before moving in.
He even emailed me to find out what the hold up was when the admissions decisions came late.
My guess is that the work will hold up and the criticism will not.
For my optimistic thesis to hold up, this must turn out to be a blip.
It's the kind of pithy phrase that sounds good but doesn't necessarily hold up under closer examination.
Most of our cultural differences, it turns out, don't hold up in the lab.
It is too early to say how the stereotypes will hold up.
Let us try some of his other paradoxes and see how they hold up.
They hold up well to the long cooking that this recipe requires and make the soup more colorful.
On its own, this argument against the bill doesn't hold up.
As a film, the story will only hold up if it preserves a similarly introspective spirit.
We wouldn't hold up hurricane relief aid because of disagreements over spending cuts.
The boys hold up postcard invitations and ask if we're going.
If spending didn't hold up, then the recovery will have slowed again this month.
We want people to be able to hold up their heads and raise their children in dignity.
But this argument doesn't really hold up for one key reason: there's plenty of inventory out there.
How he continues to hold up is one of the more pleasant, ongoing mysteries.
Hold up a copy of today's local newspaper and ask students to explain its purpose.
Encourage groups to think about how they will hold up the displays.
Hold up a stuffed or plastic dinosaur, preferably one similar to a dinosaur students have seen in this lesson.
And if the weather doesn't hold up for skiing on any given day-volcanoes tend to generate their own weather.
Hold up the globe, and have a student volunteer pretend to be the sun.
Hold up the mobile and adjust the photos until it balances.
Have them hold up a ruler and show one-and-a-half inches.
The suspenders inside hold up the pants when the jacket is unzipped.
As the hours wore on, she became more and more exhausted, until she could scarcely hold up her head.
He survived by promising not to let his pro-choice views hold up the judicial nominations before the committee.
But those findings didn't hold up for antioxidant supplements.
But stereotypes do not always hold up to scientific scrutiny.
As honest participants in the debate, you will be able to see why the contrarian argument that he puts does not hold up.
In animals his predictions hold up, but the evidence is mixed in people, he says.
Virtually every physicist interviewed strongly doubts the results will hold up, including the experimenters themselves.
It is not a good theory either because it doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
Although attractively simple, the methods as described don't hold up.
If these findings hold up, it could really change how scientists studying addiction think about reward and what controls it.
Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to hold up too well.
With rockets, it makes sense to express it as escape velocity, but with our balloon this concept does not hold up.
The question would remain whether the clearance order would hold up as a binding contract in court.
On closer inspection, though, these justifications don't hold up or are no longer relevant.
Steel reinforcement bars-rebars-are what hold up concrete and masonry structures.
Time will tell if they hold up to play testing, but so far this one is entertaining.
However, the chances that remittances will continue to hold up this year are slim.
Someone in a shopping mall, for example, might hold up his hand and see a map appear instantly at his fingertips.
Diversity helps too, since the prices of some chemicals may hold up better than others.
To varying degrees all have similar problems that will hold up their membership.
Preparing a case that will hold up in court is not easy.
It cannot produce a candidate with the courage to hold up a mirror.
While it wouldn't be proof, if response rates differ by demographic profile than you're hypothesis would hold up.
If the results hold up, physicists have some explaining to do.
There is an air of industry as the students hold up pieces of paper and stare at them intently.
In other words, they follow up on studies that indicate a link and see if it can really hold up.
The drawings show the beams that hold up the building.
The alternative is improving but experts question whether it will hold up under constant use.
The soldiers' fate appears unlikely, however, to hold up the cease-fire.
Real concern will come if the undertow moves to other parts of the economy which have been expected to hold up fairly well.
If it doesn't hold up, add more breadcrumbs to the mixture.

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