hokey in a sentence

Example sentences for hokey

Some of it was a bit hokey, but other parts were pretty apt.
Every hokey teaching movie tells you that at some point.
In some cases, hokey fan-fic and short films that demonstrate clearly both the zeal and the amateur status of the creators.
Though excessively hokey at times, the film scores on its obvious sincerity.
Four decades later, the story of a family that works out its issues on a racetrack seems a little hokey.
Afterward, you can set up a picnic lunch at one of the nearby tables and watch others drive through, or visit the hokey gift shop.
No endless wires, no hokey wireless off mirrored saucers on the ceiling.
And, if they can get past the rambling clich├ęs and hokey real-life examples, it might even help them get married.
People hear of using duct tape, they think it is hokey when this is serious information.
There are campaign posters, hokey by today's standards.
Initially my team members thought it was a hokey idea.
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