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It is not the time of your life to be living higher on the hog than you can afford.
The bank bail-outs hog attention, but many of the government's crisis measures were designed to prop up the shadow system.
To be fair, having them feathered would be a huge resource hog.
He cites the pork industry, which used to be blighted with hog cholera.
He also loves working with and training his hog hunting dogs.
In the suddenly zooming story of electric cars, it's the cars themselves that have tended to hog the spotlight.
Shooting feral pigs from helicopters won't work, but some rational steps should be taken to help control the wild hog population.
But when they do, physics and biology-those aristocrats of science-will no longer hog the headlines.
My husband found her and her parents in a hog shed and convinced the owners to give them up.
If you're going to go see it, you might as well go whole hog.
But the debate is nonetheless likely to hog the headlines for days afterwards.
WE had come a long way for a hog killing, but the butcher had chosen that day of all days to have a meltdown.
Many incorporate windows where the programme plays on, so the remote-control hog does not prevent others from watching.
If somebody tries to hog the network, the traffic routes away from them.
Tail docking is also commonplace in the hog industry.
The question now is whether to go the whole hog and buy a serious digital camera for work as well as play.
As they receded from view, health took centre stage and continued to hog the limelight for almost a year.
Emphasis on hog stakes testing is spiraling out of control.
Mostly because it was becoming a resource hog, and was pretty slow.
Your comic timing may be worse than a wart hog's, but you can still read a short and provocative news story or play a tape.
The last several years haven't been good for a commodity hog farmer.
It simply is wrong for one state to hog that much power in the process for decades.
Although a part of me wants them to go whole hog with it.
He would be on many matters independent as the proverbial hog on ice.
They bury the blood and hair of a hog which was killed the day before, and they burn part of its liver.
Since then, professionals have begun to hog the limelight.
Growth in hog inventories are expected to be constrained by higher feed costs.
And roasted veal sweetbreads over braised greens and hog jowl with brown butter.
The only difficulty is about getting her to a hog once a year.
They eat many of their marine neighbors, hog the food supply, and scare off snorkeling tourists with their venomous spines.
Flash does not appear to be a battery hog, nor does it chew away at your phone's resources.
And home offices need flexible communication systems that don't hog precious desk space.
Now we're reprising our trip, and we're doing it whole hog, pun fully intended.
For many farmers, the hog-price crisis confirms their shrinking control of agriculture.
US hog production has consolidated and specialized during the past two decades.
Hog-nosed snakes favor dry habitats with loose soils, preferably in mixed wooded and open country.
Production costs are an important indicator of the potent ial financial success of hog enterprises.

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