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Play hockey, for instance, and try to get into shape for the mile run.
Hockey players expect to get slammed into the boards.
And the only thing football and hockey have in common is concussions.
Lacrosse and basketball are siblings of soccer, hockey, and water polo.
It's the size of a hockey puck-small in diameter, plump in the middle-but juicy.
Football is over, baseball players are yet to report, and professional basketball and hockey are months from games that matter.
Thick-lipped opah with eyes the size of hockey pucks rimmed with gold.
He was one of eight kids, but his father was a doctor, and their burgers were the size of hockey pucks.
The problem is that when you use them, the hockey stick goes away.
For the latest climate crock interviewing climatologists on sea level rise and the emerging hockey stick there.
The hockey stick diagram has been vindicated again and again, after being attacked many times by real science and otherwise.
Otherwise it's playing hockey with a team full of goalies.
Each of these used mini rockets to spin and eject outward four discs the size of ice-hockey pucks.
They're too good of a hockey team to give them any life.
Prosecutors said he distributed football, basketball and hockey games and wrestling matches.

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