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Antiquated labour laws protect public-service workers but hobble private-sector productivity.
We hobble into the hospital for baths, breakfast, and a thorough examination.
Hobble skirts and bound feet disappeared for a reason.
But the tactic could ultimately hobble or even doom reform.
Her slow, delicate hobble betrays her age and the status she held and lost.
Unless they are allowed to restructure their debt, extending payouts or reducing the principal, they will hobble along for years.
Either way there are risks: it may hobble a still-weak economy.
The same goes for the campaign to hobble the multinationals.
The cutbacks of thousands of jobs have raised concerns among economists and could hobble the current tepid.
It could hobble an oil company, drive it away and deprive the host government of critical revenues.
Most people see the requirement as a legal tactic, more meant to hobble these businesses than to diversify their enterprises.
Property taxes hobble many upstate hamlets and cities.
Maybe, but it's the only one with the power to affect entire ecosystems and hobble the economy of an entire region.
In order to avoid damage to trees and brush, a hobble or some other means to secure horses must be used.
There is a corral area and open space to tether or hobble horses.
Do not ride, tether or hobble a horse, saddle or pack animal in violation of posted notices.

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Theory now: concern for truth must not hobble our discussion.... more
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