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Key symptoms include hives, hoarse voice, and wheezing.
The cashier was coughing and sniffling and talking in a hoarse voice while handling my food items.
While he likes to be alone, she is so gregarious and talkative her voice is constantly hoarse.
He carried on gamely even when his voice grew raspy and hoarse midway through the twenty-minute speech.
In a hoarse, faint voice he reviewed the case and concluded that the jury's verdict had been justified by the evidence.
The voice may be hoarse but can be normal, with the lesion discoverable only by laryngoscopy.
Nunu screamed herself hoarse as the physio gently moved her stiff legs.
There's punk, any simple chord progression played faster than mid-tempo with aggression and hoarse vocals.
First and above all, a good many of the crack canines were too hoarse to bark, much less could they think of howling.
Still, the more he speaks, the less hoarse he seems.
Actors grow hoarse shouting at each other above the uproar.
The hoarse undertone that wailed up from the floor increased in volume.
The ailments common among the refugees included diarrhea, bronchitis, sore throat and voices hoarse or lost.
Indeed, half the town seems to have gone hoarse this week calling out his name.
The device can also cause patients' voices to become hoarse.
Before the harness, walks were a bit of a nightmare, as the puppy was perfectly content to pull herself hoarse against her collar.
The sound jumped higher all at once, there was a foaming seethe in it, a hoarse desperation.
When the lungs are involved, children exhibit symptoms of a hoarse cry, cough and other respiratory difficulties.

Famous quotes containing the word hoarse

Come away, away children; Come children, come down! The hoarse wind blows coldly; Lights shine in the town.... more
The angels all were singing out of tune, And hoarse with having little else to do, Excepting to wind up the... more
The angels were all singing out of tune, And hoarse with having little else to do, Excepting to wind up the... more
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