hoarder in a sentence

Example sentences for hoarder

On the off-chance that someone opens the dryer, they will think it doesn't work and that you are a hoarder.
Toward the end of the book, you say that during your research people opened up to you about their experiences with a hoarder.
The clutter often builds up to cause a safety and sanitary hazard to both the hoarder and the hoarder's community.
While it may be tempting to argue with a hoarder, this kind of direct confrontation rarely works.
He was rescued from a hoarder and has limited mobility in his rear legs.

Famous quotes containing the word hoarder

the disgust won and because of this I am a hoarder of words I hold them in though they are dung oh God I am... more
Moving, you roll down the garment, down that pink snapper and hoarder, as your belly, soft as pudding, slop... more
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