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Example sentences for hoar

They're trying to understand hoar, frozen dew layers that can shatter when buried under snow, triggering an avalanche.
But with the hoar of the years, this tentativeness seems a welcome sign of humility.
The white button of a polar cap is a region covered thinly with hoar frost rather than heavily laden with ice and snow.
The cow got nourishment by licking the hoar frost and salt from the ice.
Temperatures dipped over the weekend and a heavy layer of hoar frost coated the trees at high elevation.
Light dances on newly formed hoar frost and creeps over bundles of fur and antlers starting to stir from a cold winter night.

Famous quotes containing the word hoar

There is a willow grows aslant a brook That shows his hoar leaves in the glassy stream.... more
Gold? Yellow, glittering, precious gold? ... This yellow slave Will knit and break religions, bless th' accursed, Make t... more
Wachusett hides its lingering voice Within its rocky heart, And Allegheny graves its tone Throughout his lofty chart. Mo... more
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