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Example sentences for hitherto

It was a worrying sign that the hitherto stalwart consumer was hesitating to spend.
It is clear that the chemotactic behaviour of Paramecium is less simple than was hitherto thought.
But violence like this was hitherto unknown.
Each novel by Doctorow is an entirely different experience, a journey of the imagination into hitherto uncharted territory.
The current of events will continue to dictate the policy of the government, as it has done hitherto.
She wages a lonely battle against doctors and, even more painfully, the absentee mother she has hitherto seen ``all of nine times.
The crisis has caused a rift in the hitherto friendly relations between the two countries.
On this trip our only substantial food supply from the country hitherto had been that furnished by the palmtops.
The morning was rainy; a contrast to the fine weather we had hitherto encountered.
The arts, hitherto a privilege reserved for the aristocracy, were now available to the less privileged.
Logistic model describes exactly this conception, though hitherto was not use in this intent.
Hitherto the majority has been distinctly inclined to give a sentence of summary decapitation and dissection.
Jacket design is what helped emboss books with a cool factor hitherto lacking.
Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.
Zinc ore has jumped up to a price hitherto unprecedented.
The new primary election law makes many important changes in hitherto existing conditions.
She knew it was her power and used it to a degree hitherto unknown in the history of the royals.
The phenomenon has not, though, hitherto been subject to scientific investigation.
The speculation is that they will announce the detection of the hitherto unknown particles that make up dark matter.
It was as if the chaos of war seemed to comply with some hitherto unknown law of nature.
Retailers that it has hitherto chaperoned online may now want to set off on their own rather than share the spoils.
But, overall, the emerging world will be less of a buoy to global growth than it has been hitherto.
At a moment's notice, hitherto-successful economies were plunged deep into recession.
It has hitherto been reluctant to do this, for two reasons.
The uprising has hitherto been fiercest in rural areas.
The spectre of state failure is haunting hitherto calm locations too.
It is also a substance hitherto regarded as too toxic for people to tolerate.

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