hitchhike in a sentence

Example sentences for hitchhike

Because plants don't have that option, they must somehow hitchhike.
Children should never hitchhike or approach a car when they don t know and trust the driver.
Pets should be checked on a regular basis, as ticks can hitchhike and thus be moved considerable distances.
These mussels easily hitchhike on boats and are spread by unsuspecting boat owners.
They manage to escape backyard gardens and ponds with the help of birds, or they hitchhike on tires, shoes or animals.
Don't hitchhike or accept rides with casual acquaintances or strangers.
It protects water bodies from the many destructive invasive species that hitchhike on boats.
The bugs also hitchhike into homes on used furniture, clothing or other items brought from infested areas.
The disease does not affect the daylily bulb itself, but spores may hitchhike on the surface of the bulb.
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