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The only potential, unspeakable, hitch was the ghost.
The hitch is that you must use the money or lose it.
Their tiny embryos can hitch rides on the swift currents of ocean eddies.
The record-breaking flight appeared to go off without a hitch.
Or one could rent a generator mounted on a trailer hitch.
Here's our guide to making sure your prank goes off without a hitch.
The small marine animals that hitch rides across the ocean are typically non-mobile.
He navigated to a flash-heavy website, which ran without a hitch.
Hitch a ride with an airborne biologist who uses a powered paraglider to study plant diversity from above.
We hitch a ride in the back of a small pickup driven by a local fisherman, sharing the space with his kids.
Even better, the procedure happened without a hitch.
We were going to hitch a ride on a battered old helicopter that was being loaded with uniforms and radio batteries.
Unfortunately, the biggest hitch was the web browser.
Some apps move from portrait to landscape without a hitch.
It's an elegant system, but the hitch was that no one had been able to get the same thing to happen in mammals.
We had to do a little tweaking on the setup of the shifters, but after that adjustment, everything worked without a hitch.
Data could hitch a ride on the magnetic field created by electric currents running through power line wires.

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