histrionics in a sentence

Example sentences for histrionics

After the histrionics of the last few days, the spring and summer couture collections ended on a calming note today.
In the past he has faced down critics with histrionics and theatrical brinkmanship.
It is rare to encounter such a determined lack of ostentatious histrionics in this music.
Either would be appropriate channels for your histrionics.
The histrionics of the global warming faithful is always good for a laugh.
Given the subject matter, the dancers' histrionics could be called appropriately melodramatic.
But its histrionics were attention getting rather than eloquent.
The judge threw ostentatious glances at the clock, annoyed by the histrionics and eager to get to the job at hand.
She doesn't serve the cause of victims with such histrionics.
Histrionics fly high in the mistaken notion that shouting is synonymous with acting.
His suffering is regal in its imposing aura of silence, not in histrionics.
Which is a pity, because a rich and peculiar story lies underneath the histrionics.
And she did it without resorting to maudlin speeches or tear-jerking vocal histrionics.
Boras is an attorney-a master of fine print, not histrionics.
But what started out as a quiet four-round professional debut ultimately took on the histrionics of bad theater.
Some of the histrionics you'll see, or the intense debate, people really do walk off the floor and it's left there.
The effect of such histrionics on the camp desertion rate was not recorded.
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