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These things are proved, the first critically, the second legally and historically.
Yet his work is historically of great value as marking the progress and scope of foreign influences.
The first theory was, historically, a means of popular protest against royal aggression.
The perfect guest room is not necessarily a vast chamber decorated in an historically correct period.
The city has not historically enjoyed a reputation for serenity.
Historically, human beings have prudently given the place a wide berth.
And historically, it has been extremely difficult to address debts of these magnitudes.
Yet over that period, long-term bond yields have fallen to historically low levels.
Governments have historically been lousy stewards of industry.
Historically, such settlements have clung to the higher ground on the flood plain.
The groups have historically been under-represented, sometimes by choice but often because of prejudice.
Historically, rulers liked censuses, because they enable them to conscript and tax their people.
Historically, they have been devised by trial and error.
But starts, while up, remain at historically low levels.
However, historically governments would take measures to reduce inflation.
Yet the industry has historically done a poor job of getting books to readers.
Historically, deeper recessions are followed by stronger recoveries.
Fares have historically been tightly regulated and heavily subsidised.
Moreover, critics say that the army has historically done little but brutalise its own citizenry and foment instability.
So the outlook for dividends, as reflected in swap prices, is historically unprecedented.
Historically, top dogs have had a far bigger share than that.
It also, though, has places to visit that are historically significant.
Changes this large have historically taken thousands of years, but are now happening over the course of decades.
Courts have historically been impressed with the legal testimony of experts simply because of their credentials.
Ask kids for their ideas on why the seasons have historically been so meaningful to people throughout the world.
Historically, he said, the squid and tuna competed for the same prey.
Impressive when flanking a doorway or displayed as a piece of historically inspired craftsmanship.
Historically speaking, it's a great time to be alive.
So, historically, statistical predictions have been somewhat more accurate than computer-generated models-until now.
Even films that are historically inaccurate can be a valuable teaching tool.
Historically, ice roads were open three months during the winter.
Historically, such lands have been cleared to expand lucrative palm oil plantations or expand pulp and paper businesses.
Intelligence is a complex and historically controversial topic, in large part because it is difficult to define and to measure.
Conservationists have historically been at odds with the people who inhabit wildernesses.
Historically speaking, when the military takes up a technology, it tends to take off fairly quickly.
Government intervention in that process historically has yielded results that range from ineffectual to disastrous.
Bacterial illnesses have historically been more deadly than viral but that changed with antibiotics.
But historically, he said, the government has funded basic research that the private sector hesitated to fund itself.
Historically there have been more births in the spring.
Natural gas has only been used for peek loads historically.
The historically minded journalist is less likely to get bamboozled.
People with her condition historically haven't gone to college and often have difficulty graduating from high school.
Historically, default rates have been based on the two-year period after borrowers graduate.
But there is much to build on, historically and in current campus practice.
The connection that critics make between medical genetics and eugenics is historically fallacious.
Members of historically under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.
Three kinds of interactions have historically characterized universities' relationships with their surrounding communities.
Apple has historically been nimble with pushing new connectivity standards.
The human brain: fascinatingly complex, historically misunderstood.
He has not historically paid much attention to his living arrangements.
That's not great: historically speaking, it is poor.
And, historically, the automakers were not good partners.
Even rare, historically important pieces were used in ways that did not call attention to themselves.
Historically, said the rabbi, communal ovens were the hub of small-town community.
Historically cousin marriage has only been one of many options.
For that, scientists have historically relied on artistic interpretations.
Of course these issues can not be understood except in light of a complex historically contingent sequence of events.
Historically, the maiden flights of rockets have a notoriously high failure rate.
Historically people have married their neighbors and so gene flow is often well modeled as isolation by distance.
The journalistic project is one that typically, historically provides accountability by virtue of staff oversight.
Even non-agricultural components of the rural population have historically been tied to the agricultural economy.
These aren't less qualified people, these are people who are historically overlooked.
The map at the beginning of the post shows the migrations of several historically attested people.
Harvard has its own priorities, and historically these have defined its success.
Historically, microbiologists concentrated on food or pharmaceuticals.
Creating a historically plausible world, not based on pre-existing historical and cultural schema, isn't economically feasible.
We claimed that historically the process followed a particular direction, from dependence and exclusion to autonomy and inclusion.
Health care costs at current levels override the incentives that have historically supported employer-based health insurance.
Historically her book is important as an authentic record of the times.
The idea of capitalism did in fact have an important role historically, but by now that usefulness may well be fairly exhausted.
Diamond makes clear that both authoritarian and participatory systems have led historically to sustainable ends, or to collapse.
He then proceeds to show at length what no one ever doubted: that other sermons are more historically or theologically important.
The global savings glut is what drove interest rates down to historically low levels.
He is bound to emerge historically as a romantic and glamorous figure, but he is surrounded by corpses.
These goals can be, and historically have been, social as well as more narrowly academic.
No other phenomenon is historically more important, and its importance today continues to increase.
Prices for natural gas have fallen to historically low levels, which means that solar thermal must get even cheaper to compete.
Translating from the lab to large scale production, historically, has taken decades.
Historically, printing has been divided into several camps.
Historically civilizations on decline have leaned towards conservation of it's energy and materials.
Historically, engineers have designed these chips to work within only a small range of frequencies in the radio spectrum.
Historically, there has often been a lag in the country's concern regarding the rights of foreign nationals.
The date is historically fixed at about the middle of the seventeenth century.
It is historically ignorant and economically fanciful.
Historically, however, the focus was on the acts themselves rather than on the actors.
Historically, large volcanic eruptions have caused discernible global cooling.
Let me give you an example, in terms of looking at things historically.
Historically, the two countries have borrowed money at roughly the same rate.
Historically, survival from rabies infection has been extremely rare.
Historically, these plans have been largely ignored by state governments.
Indeed, the interests of land-users have historically clashed with bison and their habitat.
Historically people worked a lot more than they do now.
But more historically and economically minded scholars see it differently.
Psychologists historically drew bright lines between the mental ills of infancy and those of later years.

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