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After it has happened, the historical critics busy themselves in explaining it.
She is a landscape architect who restores historical gardens.
Some historical perspective: pros and cons of networked markets.
There is therefore less synthesis in undergraduate teaching, and there are fewer broader historical strokes.
The historical debate is as hot, and unsettled, as ever.
The topics are varied and may be current or historical.
Unless you're a priest or a fan of historical reenactments, you probably aren't serving wine in silver goblets.
Then he asked about my current historical interests.
Great minds shape the thinking of successive historical periods.
Most books on this are either historical or theoretical but not both.
And historical inquiry inevitably bogs down in complexity.
Photographs and other historical records testify to the former abundance of the sea.
Improved techniques could also help scientists solve historical mysteries.
The higher-education system's historical insularity fades away.
One of the island's daily newspapers, this site features current town information as well as historical backgrounds of each town.
Hidden in the hinge that connects the two giant shells of the geoduck is a potentially valuable historical record.
Thus, one seeks not so much the historical fact as the exemplary story-the applicable anecdote, the usable history.
Historical debate becomes a lot rougher when it moves into the modern era.
Of particular interest is the abundance of historical and geographical notes.
Once again, mythology trumps full historical accuracy.
Those glory years depended on specific historical factors conductive to heavy industry, such as proximity to mines and waterways.
The effort is not motivated merely by historical curiosity.
But in a larger historical perspective, that kind of growth is exceptional.
Rainfall is at a fraction of its usual levels, heat at historical highs.
It entertains by celebrating cultural traditions against a scrupulous investigation of their historical sources.
To say more, even about which other historical characters appear, would be spoiling the story.
These three great historical trends define the present day.
Always good to have lots of historical perspective on what's going on today.
Evolutionary biology, unlike physics and chemistry, is a historical science.
Everyone likes to think that they live in historical times.
We will base our estimates on historical costs of robots mankind has already put in space.
Thanks for the historical perspective, or whatever.
There was already some historical evidence for this.
So losing both houses could still count as a good performance in historical terms.
But their popularity now owes as much to contemporary qualities as to historical ones.
He thinks on his feet, dazzles with obscure historical fact nuggets and skillfully connects with friendly crowds.
For historians, the discipline usually points toward museums and historical sites.
The course considers the historical formation of whiteness as well as its current cultural and economic manifestations.
Historical archaeology deals with the physical evidence of activities by people who also left written records of their history.
Sections of the biography can be compared with historical events with the help of an interactive time line.
Discusses various historical soccer-political scandals.
But we're in a different historical moment now: the perils of too much borrowing have never been clearer.
Seeing the future purely in terms of group characteristics and historical experience can certainly immobilize policy.
Roughly half of your short-story collection is made up of historical stories.
The proliferation of new poetry and poetry programs is astounding by any historical measure.
They offer historical examples of supposed overreactions to threats to national security.
Deceived though he was on this occasion, he had a gift for identifying the great historical developments of the day.
Such liberation of access can only enrich and deepen the historical imagination-extending its nourishment to new audiences.
Most genetics researchers are well aware of the historical dimensions of their work.
But based on the historical record, it isn't likely to result in a major swing in economic policy.
No intelligible sound recovered from a historical tinfoil recording has ever been published.
But put into historical perspective, that forecast isn't too bad.
Gun-control advocates, on the other hand, tend to view the amendment as a dusty historical relic.
It will be smaller next year but still huge by historical standards.
We are inaugurating a regular history section, which will put today's news in the context of relevant historical events.
It made a continuous historical consciousness possible.
In his political zeal he was not always scrupulous as to historical accuracy.
He points out the fallacies involved in the purely historical and the purely personal estimates.

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