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Universities remain virtually free, but change may be coming to their historic halls.
Relish it or revile it, everyone agrees that the bill is historic.
The character of an eruption is based on the prehistoric and historic record of the volcano in question and its volcanic products.
It took him years of legal battling and lobbying to get permission to destroy the historic building.
Two years after making historic gains in a general election, the opposition is going through a bit of a wobble.
Historic record indicates every extinction was followed by more advanced species replacing the ones lost.
Check for all historic versions and variations of your company's name.
According to some points of view, the fate of one of the country's finest historic cities is now at stake.
No wonder inflation is ticking up across the region, albeit from historic lows in several countries.
Survey the preserve's pristine scenery and learn how this historic conservation project was created.
But to get off the highway and into historic mining towns.
Enjoy these historic photos of a time when recorded and amplified audio were a novelty, rather than a necessity of everyday life.
Nostalgic décor and collectibles inspired by historic moments.
Created from a onetime industrial area, the park features a small wetland and a historic carousel.
After an ongoing renovation, the historic hotel and its oversize rooms remain low-key and ridiculously affordable.
Recently, though, the historic downtown district has been revitalized with antiques shops.
Attention to the historic side of literature has brought sounder views.
If the rabbit lost his long tail on a certain historic occasion, then all the rabbits since born will have short tails.
She could not be introduced in propria persona, still less as another historic character.
The sun rose again upon the vanished century, and lighted those historic streets.
Combination beach resort, golf course, and future casino on historic island.
The area covered by sea ice hovered near its historic low this summer.
To some geologists, the world is heading toward an oil crisis of historic proportions.
But a closer look after the election has revealed a much more nuanced picture of that historic faceoff.
Now another historic change is shaking up the global hierarchy.
It is an historic day in a conflict whose origins go back more than five centuries.
In a way, that would be a reversion to historic trends.
But many will have little contact with the ideas and ideals that characterize the historic core of higher learning.
Take a tour down the coast to see the eleven historic lighthouses that dot the shores and the waterways of the state.
Become part of the story at one of our many state and national historic sites.
Or stay cool inside the sprawling historic log cabin.
They agree that this is a good and historic day for both of our nations.
Before this all but proto-historic transmogrification of the land-face.
Each term exists in a discernible historic context, as does the sentence structure of the amendment.
They were the grand utterances of somebody on a great historic stage.
The historic question demands more specific evidentiary care than that exhibited in his review.
Because she has seldom been seen smiling for the camera, her portrait here is historic.
And in polls public support for labor has fallen to historic lows.
My other question is about historic buildings in the area.
The decline in new-car purchases has been so steep that the average life of a car on the road today is at a historic high.
The job market is in rotten shape, and business investment is hitting historic lows.
The historic center had been almost completely restored, in a way that struck me as at once beautiful and creepy.
Moreover, individuals can be positioned along axes representing this demographic historic space.
See historic photos that slowly merge into the modern scene.
Visit several historic homes decorated for the holidays during this self-guided tour.

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