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Example sentences for hiss

There was also the much more compelling hide-and-hiss factor of two felines really not interested in having an outing in a crate.
The hiss was explosive and he turned his face from the acrid ammoniac steam.
Minus the filter, which erases low frequencies from the audio signal, the tracks were laced with a hectoring hiss.
Those explosions end with the hiss of new waterfalls and spilling ice shards.
Precious oxygen begins to hiss into the void of space.
Some users, who still enjoy sensitive and intact hearing, might detect a slight background hiss.
He let out a hiss and went limp, unable to speak or breathe.
We cheer the heroes as they rescue maidens in peril, and hiss the villains as they twirl their mustaches.
He folded back the hood and a geyser of white steam shot up with a hiss.
It would christen babies and make hoses hiss and fill space enough for couples on ocean liners to travel.

Famous quotes containing the word hiss

He zigzagged. He was a knotted hiss. He was an insane hash Of rebellious small strengths... more
Even now she does the snake-hips with a hiss, Slops the bad wine across her shantung, talks Of pregnancy, g... more
Though the whole wind slash at your bark, you are lifted up, aye though it hiss to cover you with froth.... more
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