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It does not mention the scandal that damaged his once-stellar reputation and stunned his colleagues in the field.
He is acclaimed for his advocacy of web standards, books and a sometimes prickly manner.
Computer executive posts statement to quell questions on his condition.
His only consolation was that he had helped postpone it till now.
He shops at the market even on his days off, drawn by the consistent quality and the vendors' specialty knowledge.
He is the author of three books and at work on his fourth.
Picture a college student appealing for a higher grade in his professor's office.
The surgeon fixes his broken hands by delegating the task to another surgeon.
He runs his fingers through his hair, rolls his shoulders, and blinks rapidly.
The painter's appearance and attire was as distinctive as his artwork.
If nothing else, he's found a good way to enhance his profile.
He saved his own life, but he was convicted of heresy, and condemned to spend the rest of his life under house arrest.
His gift was knowing what readers needed and demanding his editors provide it.
His achievements in medicine and the telling of its history will become legendary.
Not much is known about his early career as a sailor.
But if we're not careful, his reindeer could soon be nothing more than a myth.
To that end, he's soliciting donations on his website.
She experimented until she finally came up with formulations to hydrate, soften, and heal his hands and feet.
In his time certain species of moths were light in color.
His hands are grown to flippers and he has a fishy tail.
T his genus includes many ornamental twining vines as well as the edible sweet potato.
His moccasins were not made of bearskin, as previously believed.
Selection's made him streamlined for his liquid habitat.
He talks about his life's work and shares some of his favorite underwater images.
By that time, his neck had been realigned and he had already regained some mobility in his legs and ankles.
His management philosophy will lace the curriculum, and his views on current topics will be heard in online videos.
The author asked some of his acquaintances for permission to break into their online banking accounts.
Excited or nervous, his eyes widen and he curses more, a habit he's trying to curb.
His persistent nasal drone perfectly reflects the mind-set he represents.
His personal effects were scattered and sealed under lock and key at private residences.
His new storefront-of-a-parlor has folks clamoring for his thin, stretchy crust.
Some of his sandals have painted portraits of his enemies.
He is proud to carry on his family's tradition of providing their customers with high quality citrus trees for use in any setting.
His rain forest has a lacy canopy, a shady understory, and plenty of orchids and tree ferns in between.
Luckily, that's easy to do-all you have to do is follow in the tracks of his books.
He is distinguished in the way of an emeritus professor and dressed formally, with a scarf wrapped around his neck.
He looked away, slumped his shoulders and generally squirmed in his seat.
His conceptions were cosmopolitan rather than insular.
So every night she used to comb his hair and pick out the white ones.
His clothes were apt to look oily and smell of eating-houses.
From his earliest years he was subjected to a rigid system of intellectual discipline.
But the beauty of his verse seems, in this case, to come less from intuitive discovery than from long brooding.
His power of endurance was as extraordinary as his industry.
His criticism of the doctrine was first thrown out in conversation with his father.
In his journal he wrote that he was not bothered by the residents' propensity for cannibalism.
How the pathbreaking comedian got his act together.
The king of software takes on his biggest challenge yet.
His appearance cast a spell of its own: pale, even features, dramatic cheekbones and an unruly mane of reddish-gold hair.
As his health problems were complicated by his drug habits, he sank ever deeper into depression.
His face hasn't changed much, although it is clearly yielding to gravity.
In his jacket photo, though, he looked quietly intense and appealingly melancholy.
We tracked back with him about the medium's future and probed his personal blogroll.
It turns out the senator is using unlicensed software on his website.
His professional life, he says, has been a single-minded quest for true ecological sustainability.
His unearthed tomb reflects both his cruelty and his brilliance.
The result is a rare comprehensive study of an athlete over his entire career.
But polar explorer is perhaps his best known and hardest-won.
His left hand was swollen and oozing pus, forcing him to limp on his three good limbs.
On the face of it, more than six years after his first election, his prospects are still remarkably rosy.
Cash was talking about music, but there's no doubt his insight pertains to other arts.
First, he will have to overcome some faculty resistance to his selection.
The only thing he likes more than his own voice is the sound of readers telling him when he's right and wrong.
In his office he had framed copies of portraits of these scientists.
In exasperation he took off his own hat and flung it to the ground.
After dark the bed bugs would emerge from his recliner and tattered box-spring mattress to feed on his blood.
Clues in the text hint that the poet knew his astronomy.
Ironically, his own lineage and marriage could have been experiments as well.
Cancer treatments robbed the author of his sense of taste.
Below, in full and without further comment by me, is his expanded view of the argument he wanted to make.
On the opening evening of a show he hoped would electrify the market, angry investors closed down his multimillion-dollar gallery.
He returns to his state with his tail between his legs, thoroughly humiliated on the national stage.
She drains off a pint of his fat, and with his dark juices makes a thick gravy and squeezes a lemon into it.
Even as his lines slant and his letters blur together, there is a delicate prettiness about it.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
His jeans were worn and bulging mid-leg, as though he spent his days kneeling.
He might select his own reincarnation while he is still alive, which would give him a chance to train a successor.
His research heats up the search for alien life-and finds some amazing planets along the way.
But four days later he realized that when he closed his eyes, all was darkness.
His family's sprawling block house stood in a quiet field of mango and banana trees.
With no pediatric surgeon on staff, his doctor faces a difficult decision.
He had always been appealing, even seductive, in the photos from his younger days.
He and his colleagues have created a theory that has revealed some simple yet powerful ways to accelerate the flow of information.
His alternative not only eliminates dark matter, it strikes at the heart of modern physics.
Everyone would agree that events in his past have prepared him for today's excursion.
The injury wiped out his sense of the left half of his world.
The genomic pioneer bares his genetic code to the world.
Problems and errors with his four papers have been pointed out to him and he ignores it.
By that measure, the architect would probably be pleased at the sense of community his building has engendered.
His approach to code permeates the software culture.
He uses thousands of rolls of tape to create his sidewalk constructions.
They play right into the core theme of his candidacy.
He glanced around, mopped his brow with his fingers.
It's bad enough we'll have to suffer through his trial, unless he takes an unexpected plea.
Devising his wise policies with the help of experts and technocrats, he simply imposed them on the population.
His father's gambling debts forced the family to move repeatedly, and eventually his temperamentally mismatched parents separated.
He has the potential target in his sites and is wondering whether to pull the trigger when security catches up with him.
His place in anthologies and on college reading lists is secure.
Then there are the works that, done over the same years, he seems to have thought were his more meaningful achievements.
He has been hailed as a great defender and giant in his quest for human rights.
His father, it read, was waiting to take him to an orthodontist appointment.
He feels the need to impart his knowledge, be a source of strength for him, and really help him through what he's going through.
They weren't stage parents, but they've since become way too into the minutiae of his fame, he says.
His complex personality is famous in social and legal circles.
His words were manna to the desperate crowds, who cheered and wept and applauded.
The author had his reasons for deciding to wear one.
His work life, however, remained uninformed by the new information.
He didn't alter the way he made investment decisions, for instance, or the way he communicated with his investors.
She was by his side when he went to the hospital for prostate tests a month later and then learned he had cancer.
Brant cannot claim that level of renown, but his résumé is not shabby.
The last thing he needed was another driven alcoholic in his life.
That's because his skin has transformed from a coffee-brown complexion to one more akin to coffee with heavy cream.
He tried to shield his face and turn his body, but flaming gel covered his face, arm and shirt.

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