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Ring's expenses included hiring the hall and picking up the tasters' travel costs.
No company survives the long term by hiring the mediocre to protect one dudes job.
Corporations use it for their phone systems because it's cheaper than hiring real people.
The price would be affordable for local industries to keep producing, and keep hiring locals to work at the plant.
Psychologists would do good by hiring a mathematician to solve multiple unknowns equations and time-series.
Mobile versions appear to be in the works, going by seeing tweets about the company hiring mobile developers.
But more and more, hiring managers are looking for people with expertise.
Ultimately the job of hiring teachers, evaluating them, and deciding who should stay and who should go falls to administrators.
If the private sector sheds jobs and long-term unemployment becomes a problem, you begin hiring workers directly.
On the other side, employers are starting to make hiring decisions based on likely health costs.
While the economy grew at a respectable rate for much of this decade, hiring did not.
Hiring is starting to pick up again, recruiters and bankers say.
At the same time, both hiring and vacancies plummeted.
The pace of new hiring crashed during the recession and has scarcely recovered since.
Companies are still unhelpfully shy of hiring, preferring to squeeze yet more output from fewer people.
Rumours abound of traders hiring tankers to store their excess oil.
But at a time when firms are hiring far less, if at all, that can easily add up to more disappointed clients.
Alas, this magnificent hiring machine is sputtering.
Companies are swollen with cash and are hiring workers.
By the same token, the cost of hiring some kinds of drilling rigs is falling.
Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear.
Employers do not invest in training short-term workers and are wary of hiring on permanent contracts.
But companies are also seeking fewer loans, as they think twice before hiring or investing in equipment.
Many interpret that to mean the government will impose caste-based hiring quotas.
Another deterrent to hiring people is the price of benefits.
First, where the financial policemen sit matters less than hiring competent ones.
It has remained strong since, as hiring has been more sluggish than growth.
Head teachers have wide discretion in the hiring and firing of teachers and are free to pay by results as they think fit.
But hiring professional ship-protectors beats the alternative: an endless, pointless military exercise.
Then he'll have to construct another building, find more equipment, and go on another hiring binge.
Standard government hiring puts a heavy emphasis on applicants' experience in the public sector.
But, as one hiring season winds down and another one starts up, you should take a moment to think about rejection.
The focus of the current thread is about a possibly deceptive hiring practice.
Students and parents want to know they are getting their money's worth, and so do the departments hiring new faculty members.
So the increase in postings suggests hiring could pick up in the coming months.
Companies can't do blind hiring, but they can consider blind screening when searching for new hires.
Companies that halted hiring and raises during the downturn are adding workers and giving raises.
The outlook for hiring has brightened as applications for unemployment benefits near a four-year low.
Try to time it so it arrives before the hiring decision will be made.
Realize that you are going to make mistakes hiring people.
If you're afraid to bring them on as full-time employees, consider hiring them as contractors.
He says weather accounts for nearly all the hiring acceleration in the last few months.
Many will say that businesses aren't sensing strong enough demand by consumers to warrant additional hiring.
When employers do start hiring again, they will look to the sizeable pool of shorter-term unemployed.
But firms aren't going to ramp up their hiring if consumer demand doesn't rise.
She joined in their vendetta against several local officials they disliked, and listened to their advice about hiring.
Hiring professionals are divided about cover letters.
Many steps in the hiring process occur before an agency even posts a job.
Hiring for our largest operation has already taken place.
The following are some examples of hiring programs which may help you compete and/or which add flexibility to the hiring process.
Improving the federal hiring process is critical, as the number of new hires is expected to increase substantially.
As an employer, you can take advantage of various programs that encourage the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities.
The hiring process usually takes four to six months.
Temp hiring has been slowing for a number of months now.
They are not hiring because people are not spending, and therefore they don't need to produce anymore goods or services.
The solution: hiring a retired judge to hear the case.
Companies can start raising prices, allowing them to start hiring again too.
When temp hiring spikes up that usually means full time jobs will follow.

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