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To get hired, you'd better know how you will pay for yourself.
She said she had hired several divers who were experts with sharks.
There are hundreds of hired guns now working on the energy issues.
Hired by the operator, his charge was to determine how the localized weather influenced the crane's fall.
Think of the jobs this would create as positions were backfilled and corrections officers hired.
Handwashing facilities should be supplied and handwashing enforced by growers or people hired to supervise harvesting by hand.
Staff get laid off and then different people get hired back on, requiring training and time on the job to get up to speed.
So, they hired this local ostrich farmer to build down the staircase so they could conduct routine excavation of the site.
Highly trained scientist's hired by multi-billion dollar corporations to sell.
Thankfully, his physician was my boss who had hired me to help her with an animal model of the disease.
Have students imagine that they have been hired by a whale-watching tour company to develop new informational materials.
Last summer, the cooperative hired a specialist to manage the cooperative's breeding program.
Privateers were privately owned, armed ships hired by governments during time of war.
Ask students to pretend they have been hired as environmental consultants to a world conference on fishing.
Ask students to imagine that they have been hired to design aquarium exhibits.
Virtually every nation with an enticing countryside has locally based outfitters who can be hired on fairly short notice.
Have each group pretend it has been hired by the government of a country that has a high rate of the disease it has studied.
Ask groups to pretend they are consultants who have been hired by the city government.
Our fish farm supplies a new, reliable revenue source that will ultimately pay for the full-time groundskeeper we've hired.
He hired a team of people with uncommon capabilities and placed himself as the editor-in-chief.
Cyclists can enjoy several traffic-free cycle routes set up in the park, and bikes can be hired from three different.
Some were rumored to have hired a taxi for the climb, sacrilege for a true pilgrim.
We hired pygmies to build the thatched roofs and ship them to us.
But if the owner thereof be with it, he shall not make it good: if it be a hired thing, it came for his hire.
It is almost impossible to get hired for an executive-track position at any other time of year, or any later in life.
Small-time politicians aspire to be warlords, using hired muscle to deter rivals and rustle up votes.
Several claim to have been beaten by goons hired by local officials.
And you have to watch it soon after you have hired it, or risk paying a fine.
If needed, they can work overtime cheaper than new workers can be hired.
He says that companies that might have hired him worried about skeletons lurking in their own cupboards.
Remembering who was hired, bugging someone for their e-mail addresses, and sending them an e-mail is not on the radar.
Their backgrounds will give you a good indication of what it takes to get hired in that department.
But he's been there for years, and was hired at a time when things were more flexible.
To my surprise and delight, the board president who gave me my first interview thought so, and hired me on the spot.
Some people, he said, were hired or given different positions due to her influence.
Mostly, it comes from the fact that the company finally hired a designer aware of current aesthetic tastes.
The company hired to appraise and certify the collection will sell the comics in the coming year.
With the news that he has hired a defense attorney, the disgraced coach may now face criminal and civil charges.
Instead of hiring more workers, this will more likely shift the proportion of workers that are hired towards veterans.
They hired lawyers to find ways around the undistributed-profits tax.
No one knew what she was planning to do, and if the magazine had known, they certainly wouldn't have hired her.
But within months he hired new builders, and construction started up again.
Clustered in a corner are younger staffers newly hired to oversee operations in five cities.
He hired a team of highly skilled sewers, several of whom are still with the business.
When synchronized sound ended the era of silent films, live musicians were no longer hired to play in movie theaters.
He has taken children to see them in the wild and hired villagers to track them.
Family-run places operate without hired help and can offer cheaper meals.
By a hired cook at home while you jaunt around the park in a filmy, ruffled dress, maybe.
They've submitted requests for proposals from technology companies and hired consultants.
In their system, there is no reason a ne'er-do-well with some hacking chops couldn't get themselves hired into this company.
He was the last to be hired at the building site, and he knew that he couldn't refuse the task: he'd be fired.
Mentions many baseball stars, and a lot of managers who were fired and hired.
She has been hired to teach companies how to work with artists without turning them off.
The crews are hired especially for the job each season.
It is produced by a wholly new team that the publisher has hired.
They then hired a professional fossil preparer to restore the skull.
His hired guides had drastically underestimated how much time it would take to reach their destination.
He was hired to study small mammals but soon found there weren't many around.
There are plenty of smart people around who can be hired to do the heavy thinking.
The lack of demand creates a weak environment for hiring and for the tools that the hired people use to do business.
And then the hired vacuum guy could show the film student how the vacuum chamber behaves.
My impression is that a lot of departments have hired faculty in astronomy over the last ten years or so.
And oddly, some of the people who are doing this are getting hired.
The ones who are hired by the military and industry are hired to do exactly what they do.
They wanted to open and decorate the salon, and they hired all the right staff.
Everyone wanted to be on that show, but they never hired.
He claims that he didn't know the private-detective agency he hired was involved in wiretapping or computer hacking.
They had a cabaret stage, and they hired me as the house piano player.
But the owner of a new firm hired by the town has ties to the outgoing firm.
He hired a local firm to add swimming pools, verandas and air conditioning to both houses.
If hired, you will need to submit an original transcript before you report to work.
All hired foreign workers, according to the report, though they didn't all handle hiring in the same way.
Candidates are hired as openings become available in the department due to resignations or retirements.

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