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Government incentives for companies to hire unemployed workers have met with limited success.
It should not surprise anyone that employers decided it was a lousy time to hire.
It costs money to hire more people to produce the same amount of food.
Hire a pedicab to pedal you around the neighborhood's attractions.
Each product gets a turn to increase its user base, earn revenue, and hire employees.
If at first you do not receive stimulus money to hire more police, ask, ask again.
It's certainly not uncommon for universities to lure academics with the promise of a spousal hire.
Thanks to restrictive immigration laws, they cannot hire cheap help.
If you are unsure of your backcountry skills, hire a guide.
They remove meth-making hardware and chemicals, and often hire professional cleaning companies to sanitize the house.
Many gardeners hire a licensed landscape contractor to plan and install such systems.
Let's say a new hire is made on campus in an area other than yours and the announcement is made in a campus-wide e-mail.
One of the main reasons why business is so reluctant to hire workers is that it has so little confidence in the president.
Usually museums hire out to specialist companies to mount their skeletons.
The fact that the new hire is not directly supervise by the orchestrator is lame.
It trains people to define and eliminate pollution in those private firms that hire them under contract.
It was quite an appreciable step to hire a medical service to monitor the health of employees.
It might be a useful thing for every scientist and scientific organization to hire ghost writers from that category.
If you've checked everything that you possibly can, the next step is to hire a private investigator.
So the only solution offered here is to hire more law enforcement.
Clients after a broker with an edge lined up to hire him.
Many large and small businesses hire workers on a part time basis.
If you think someone is already rich, then their failure to hire someone is simple greed.
Small businesses may at last be ready to hire some of them.
They will hire the best candidate regardless of nationality.
Nearly half of all start-ups do not expect to hire any staff at all.
Hire self-possessed people with vivid imaginations and strong opinions.
It is for the best for the students that they didn't hire me and ask me to teach paleontology.
Therefore, the new department isn't really able to hire an adjunct.
Now there are charter brokers which allow you to hire planes for a single trip, no prepurchase necessary.
He liked to buy his lorries new, and he preferred hire purchase because you kept your cash and made it grow.
They don't physically install counter tops because they have the ability to design and they hire people to do manual labor.
It also seems to me that would be expecting quite a bit from a new hire.
Drug firms used to hire ex-cheerleaders to sway doctors into prescribing their pills.
Community colleges need and hire generalists, not specialists.
Companies employing unskilled workers find it easy to hire replacements.
Clients rarely say they hire a firm on the strength of its free publications.
There are also plans for electric vehicles that residents and visitors alike can hire.
Illegal wildlife traders also hire the poor to poach tigers and other animals, paying them money they cannot match at other jobs.
We had no baggage animals and no money to hire them.
Hire a solar contractor to help you make a final choice and perform the installation.
Labor is a cost factor as well if you hire out the work to a contractor.
The gargantuan cruise ships plying the waters hire nearly a thousand workers-on each vessel.
The best way in which to silence any friend of yours whom you know to be a fool is to induce him to hire a hall.
But if the owner thereof be with it, he shall not make it good: if it be a hired thing, it came for his hire.
We found a house to hire near the market, and took it.
Once hardly thought worthy of a day laborer's hire, she ranks to-day with a policeman in pay and privilege.
Then the university doesn't have to do anything special to hire you.
He was recently able to hire a graphic designer and an art director, but is not certain when he will be able to hire again.
There is always the chance of making a bad hire, in which case something that has been working well can take a turn for the worse.
We seek to hire an animal ecophysiologist with a strong evolution background.
They want the university to hire more officers and buy bulletproof vests and better two-way radios.
All minimum qualifications must be met by effective date of hire.
Rarely, if ever, is there a desire to shortchange a new hire.
To the extent that the spousal hire does not reflect the department's priorities, it ought to get something in return.
The society is using the money to hire eight part-time annotators, who will help to compile images and videos for the site.
Extremely few--and after a few years without a job, noone want to hire you when there are jobs.
Businesses hire scientists who must promise not to reveal any information they learn, calling those things trade secrets.
They are as much individualistic as people living in the city, working labour for hire.
After all, a prospective employee with a lot of psychological capital is likely to do well on the job and thus, be a smart hire.
The third year review is the half-way point between one's hire as a tenure-track professor and going up for tenure.
If they want to get serious about security go get the people who get around whats in place and hire them to show how to fix it.
But that doesn't mean department officials want to see guns-for-hire on the high seas.
Apparently, there is no misdeed so big that it can keep guns-for-hire from working for the government.
If the centers got a tax credit, they might hire even more workers.
One proposal would give companies a tax credit to hire unemployed workers.
Let's try microlending to get small firms money to hire and expand.
Companies often hire third party vendors that specialize in comprehensive breach response to provide call center services.
But regulation also creates jobs: the government must hire new regulators, and firms must hire more compliance staff.
They've been looking at industrial kitchen spaces to rent and trying to find an unemployed baker to hire.
Absurd as it is that it takes moving post office counters into bodegas to hire clerks for less, so be it.
With labor so tight, employers had to hire anyone who could hold a hammer.
Any crew leader who dared to hire him would get the same treatment.
Demand for his services grew quickly, and soon he was able to hire his father.
Most companies might hire more employees to accomplish such innovation.
Bands who curate a festival do more than hire and showcase their favorite musicians.
Small businesses say they'd hire more with more demand.
Companies must hire costly lawyers to guide them through a maze created by other lawyers.
Employment has also increased slightly, although firms generally prefer to increase overtime than to hire new staff.
Funds are plundered to hire them, and the star himself must be smoothed, cosseted and humoured as long as the run lasts.
Some maintain a skeleton crew over the off-season and hire extra help only in the summer.
Both a second round of pension reform and measures to make it easier to hire and fire are making only slow progress.
The decision also noted that if the defendant was too poor to hire a lawyer, the state should provide one for him.
But they may not convert the medical profession into killers for hire.
The difficulty with this, of course, in an era of cost containment is that you potentially have to hire more trainees.
Instead, the same companies that were slow to hire after the last recession have been fast to fire during this one.
It's less common to find them used to fund major business expansions or to hire new employees.
Providing subsidies to businesses that hire new workers is one.
He thought it was nearly inconceivable that the bureau would hire someone with his background.
So by the time they've been on the reserve rolls for more than nine months they're not the people you want to hire.
Of course, employers are going to be reluctant to hire any workers until they see a revival in demand.
But my father did not give it up, although he did resolve always to hire a guide if he was going to ski off-piste.
Those businesses will not create as much wealth, will not hire as many people, will not be able to pay those people more money.
We can't hire that many people to work that quickly.
Hire yourself out to one of the many companies whose own computers need your human brain to complete their duties.
We raise money and hire local artisans to make stuffed animals and distribute them in their communities.
Although many owners of historic race cars hire drivers, some are definitely owner-driven.
However, the politician does need to be smart enough to choose whom to hire and to keep them in line.
Interesting article but the author next time needs to hire an editor.
It might end up being designed differently, because they will need to hire new people, but the brain power will be there.
It could also pay them, or hire a manager to manage the humans.
It's time to hire a better ersatz exploratory committee.
They can hire another director to come in and do whatever they want.
So there's that leap, to making it your business, your work for hire.
In the summers, she'd hire a tennis buddy to play with him.
If you hire employees, you need to secure information for the mandatory records and forms you must complete.

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