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The communication between the two brain areas at this time is one way, from the hippocampus to the neocortex.
The hippocampus does so, encoding the firing sequence in the cortex and thereby consolidating the memory.
The researchers also found that there was far more jumping-gene activity in the hippocampus than in the caudate nucleus.
The hippocampus is known to play a role in long-term memory formation, while the amygdala is an emotional center in the brain.
Also, antidepressants encourage the development of new cells in the hippocampus.
Single unit activity in the rat hippocampus during a spatial memory task.
The hippocampus is contained in the temporal lobe and is a part of the brain that is involved in memory processing.
The scientists did discover new neurons in two other parts of the brain, the hippocampus and the olfactory bulb.
Explain that the hippocampus is the part of the brain that stores memory.
The cells are taken from rat hippocampus and grown in culture.
Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus, shown in red in this computer illustration.
Photomicrograph of a mouse hippocampus, an area of the brain critical for learning and memory.
When weight lifters talk about getting huge, they aren't referring to their hippocampus.
Or look at the hippocampus, the crescent-shaped center of long-term memory.
The authors then examined how well those two factors correlated with the size of a participant's amygdala and hippocampus.
Each lobe includes an amygdala and a seahorse-shaped structure called the hippocampus.
People who learn new vocabulary quickly show more activity in the hippocampus.
Some of the main parts are the hippocampus, the amygdala, the thalamus and the hypothalamus.
Scientists knew that converting perceptual experiences into long-lasting memories requires a brain region called the hippocampus.
Similarly, after the animals were given electric shocks, levels of the compound clearly went up in the hippocampus.
Scientists found increases in gray-matter density in the hippocampus-an area responsible for learning and memory.
Many of the electrodes were placed in the hippocampus, an area critical for the storage of long-term memories.
These areas included the hippocampus and the amygdala, parts of the brain crucial for memory and emotion.
For example, the mice have major deficits in the hippocampus, a brain area vital for learning and memory.
New neuron formation in the hippocampus aids in new memory formation.
It has been known for decades that the hippocampus is the brain region involved in learning new memories and in recall.
They discovered major differences in the rats' hippocampus, a part of the brain that helps organize memories.
The hippocampus is central to memory, he recalls thinking.
She had entered a realm of fear strong enough to shut down the memory-forming hippocampus and perhaps even consciousness itself.
The hippocampus is probably not the only place where experiences rewrite epigenetic marks in the brain.
These regions, which included the right posterior hippocampus, are known to be involved in visual memory and spatial navigation.
Early sustained cortisol exposure also damages the hippocampus, a part of the brain that regulates mood and memory.
Neurons are injured, the brain's hippocampus shrinks, and the risk of heart disease increases.
But the hippocampus is involved in both the storage as well as the retrieval of memory.
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