hippocampal in a sentence

Example sentences for hippocampal

Serious hippocampal damage means the loss of the ability to form new long-term memories.
The first clues came from people who had suffered hippocampal damage, often as a result of brain surgery.
Those unconscious memories don't rely on the hippocampal region to be consolidated and stored.
Tank's team studied hippocampal place neurons, which are activated when an animal is in a particular location in its environment.
With regard to the special senses, the area for the sense of taste is probably related to the uncus and hippocampal gyrus.
To do so, he would activate the hippocampal neurons that encode the memory of the box, and then give the mouse a shock.
Clearly, the bats don't need new hippocampal neurons to learn where things are or to remember how to find them.
Theta rhythm was evidently essential for hippocampal function, which in turn was essential for memory.
The hippocampus may grow new neurons or hippocampal neurons may make more connections with one another.
Hippocampal scans turned up more of the marker than the cortical images.
The hippocampal region stores images and contribute significantly to our emotionality.
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