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Example sentences for hipped

The roof is hipped with projecting gables and features boxed eaves and a central hipped dormer.
The house features three intersecting red tile hipped roofs with three hipped roof ventilator dormers.
The buildings were of wood construction with both pitched and hipped roofs covered with rolled roofing.
The hospital is composed of two sections: a square, two-story section with a hipped roof and a one-story rectangular wing.
It carries a box cornice and a hipped roof broken by hipped dormers.
The building features a hipped roof with three prominent exterior chimneys and hipped dormers with two-over-two sash windows.
It is a two-story, rectangular, central hall plan residence with a hipped roof and two interior brick chimneys.
There is also a one-story, hipped roof addition at the rear.
The complex main roof over both wings is mostly hipped with various hipped projections in addition to the four tower roofs.
Then north door is located in a one-and-one-half story tower with a hipped roof, which forms the inner foyer.
Hipped roofs will often have overhanging eaves on all four sides.
The dwelling has a standing seam metal, hipped roof with a hipped dormer and brick interior chimney.
Three structures to the rear have hipped roofs accommodating second-floor units.
The basic form of the house is rectangular with a large hipped roof, which covered all rooms and galleries.
The hipped roof is supported by three queen post trusses and covered with asphalt shingles.
The building is covered by a winglike hipped roof with six-foot eaves supported by decorative brackets.
It has a pyramid roof and three, hipped roofed dormers.
It is a rectangular, two-story, white granite building with a hipped roof.
Square in plan, the tower is presently capped by a shallow hipped roof and a weathervane.
The rectangular house has a shallow hipped roof with a slender brick chimney in each corner.
The house has a hipped roof, captain's walk, and one interior chimney.
Balconies are found on some of the upper floors and the pyramidal hipped roofs of the two towers are covered in red tile.
Roof is hipped with three dormers on each side of the house while one faces the street and rear of the house.
The steep, slate, hipped roof features cresting and finials.
Presently screened and enclosed by a balustrade, the piazza has the original hipped roof with dentils on the soffit of the eaves.
Structures built at the beginning of the period typically have gambrel roofs, while later houses often feature a hipped roof.
The roof is a combination of a gabled and hipped configuration.

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