hip roof in a sentence

Example sentences for hip roof

Staff suggested the applicants change the gable to a hip roof to better relate to the hip of the main house.
He reduced the main house to its present two stories and replaced the hip roof with the existing gable type.
Interior chimneys rise from the north and south slopes of the hip roof.
Above, a steeply pitched hip roof with dormers extends on all four sides to cover two-story galleries.
The large building is two stories in height and has a hip roof and four tall chimneys.
The hip roof had gabled, pedimented dormers with entablatures and pilasters.
The steep hip roof is punctuated by gables on all sides.
Rectangular in plan, this structure features a prominent hip roof with a deep overhang, supported by large wooden brackets.
Gable and hip roof configurations require different sprinkler placement.
Half of the building appears to have had a gable roof, and the other half a hip roof.
These two early portions of the building have a hip roof with hip knobs and are covered with stamped sheet-metal shingles.
The hip roof is pierced on the rear slope by two single chimneys.
Raser suggested that a hip roof would also be acceptable.
The rectangular hip roof structure is built on grade and features a double gabled fa├žade.
The two-story building is square in plan and has a hip roof finished with cedar shakes.
The one-story brick building has a hip roof and extended overhangs.
The main building is a three-story rectangular block with a gable-on-hip roof.
The hip roof is covered with asphalt shingle and has a deeply molded wooden cornice over one course of rowlock.
To the south of this modified octagonal north section is a two-story, rectangular block with a medium-pitch hip roof.
The asphalt shingle-clad intersecting hip roof has five dormers.
The building is sheltered by a hip roof, and a skirt roof wrapping around the building covers the veranda.
Roof rafters are exposed under the canopy's hip roof.
The combination gable-hip roof is clad with asphalt shingles and has a flat deck with balustrade at the top.
Its long, low lines are accentuated by a low, overhanging hip roof supported by triangular brackets.
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