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But as it grows richer, wages will rise in the hinterland, too.
Infrastructure linking coast and hinterland is grossly inadequate.
He is the only candidate who is well-known and has a party machine that can reach voters in the roadless hinterland.
But he was no stranger to pressure, and seemingly had a strong personal hinterland to help him cope with it.
The agriculture ministry suggested sending the jobless to the hinterland to work on farms and fisheries.
Moreover, the technological transformation is spreading far into the hinterland.
But there is a vast hinterland where costs are still low.
As a result, countries along the coast and in its hinterland have some of the highest communications costs in the world.
Cities that are supplied to their rural hinterland and from which people can come and go.
Moving data centers into the hinterland makes a lot of sense in some ways, but there are other considerations.
Commuting data are used to identify hinterland areas.
They were thickly clustered along the river's edge, on long and thin lots running back into the nearby hinterland.
The hinterland electrification program has recently been put on hold after the initial strategy was rejected by the parliament.

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