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But on the other hand, if that coffee date gets put off for a third time, consider taking the hint.
The photos and field notes in this gallery back him up, and reveal a hint of menace, for good measure.
These oils hint at the wonderful variety of these large, sunny flowers.
And this might hint at the project's true value: keeping the kids quiet, wherever you happen to be.
The model is overall a light gray with the tiniest hint of green, not sky blue.
Mistakes were made, he says, without offering an apology or a hint of culpability.
The speck of comfort for some is the hint that the predicament of the budget airlines could be worse still.
Voyager data, taken from specific regions within the boundary zone, had offered no hint that the ribbon existed.
One hint to the sea's long-term history is that it lies below sea level.
Many other pieces also hint at political relevance, often using contrasting images to comment on social issues.
And if you find one with a hint of tropical fruit, you'll have a link to the sesame oil in the dish too.
Not a single hint that literature holds anything special in his heart.
And though largely gray today, patches of paint hint at once brightly colored clothes.
Clues in the text hint that the poet knew his astronomy.
Crisp green apple, pear, and cherry with a hint of peach and sprinkling of fresh herbs.
If you get stuck and can't find an item, you can ask for a hint.
Six is not enough to be sure that oscillation is going on, but it is a strong hint that it might be.
Soon after came the first hint of the frozen northern ocean of today.
Particle collisions hint at existence of undiscovered gluon.
People always make drama when the hint of race is mentioned.
Light blue berries with hint of wild blueberry flavor.
Filtered handily without a hint of color distortion.
And do be sure to include that helpful hint during orientation.
Vaguely humanoid but with more than a hint of coming from another planet.
Cultural twists on the concept hint at new ways of lifting your spirits and making you more content with life.
Even a hint of spontaneity in legislative elections can make the party squirm.
The company took the hint at their next board meeting and so named the company.
One detail you won't find in the post is any hint of a time frame.
There's not even any hint here of any technological approach.
It seems to be a dictatorship-but officials semi-privately hint at their distaste for their leader's antics.
Experiments hint at a subtle difference between them that may explain why antimatter is so rare.
While those with a different form detect a hint of vanilla.
His final ordeal might have inspired great self-pity, though he displayed no hint of it.
Maybe such a way really needs the likes of us for there to be any interest or even the slightest hint of meaning.
Decency and honesty she had in plenty, and on occasion a hint of steel.
To that end, preliminary results hint that they might originate from stem cells in the heart, he reports.
The first hint is that the process requires a diamond surface covered with oxygen atoms.
And blood oranges hint at their uniqueness only occasionally, when their skin is blushed red.
The days are often sparkling and sunny but cool, with a hint of the coming winter in the crisp night air.
Another dropped hint was a reduction in my contractual course load this year, from the habitual three courses a semester to two.
In fact, from time to time she will drop a hint that something requires my attention on behalf of her fellow students.
Experienced faculty members on the search committee will no doubt be quick to sniff out any hint of obsequiousness or insincerity.
Since committees are looking for a colleague, any hint of sourness on your part is amplified in their minds.
There certainly was no hint of an emerging single payer in the health insurance in the bill that troubles you so.
There is a hint of blind panic about some redundancies.
Nowhere does he say, or even hint, that it is impossible for an exchange rate shift to influence trade balances.
Always twitchy at any hint of instability, it has plenty of reasons to fret.
If he had not done so in the time allotted, a hint appeared.
In their many prefaces, and they delighted in prefaces, there is scarce a hint that they are pursuing a delicate art.
But even if they're not quite full-blown animals, they may hint at how animals came into being.
But some intriguing practices seem to hint at a residual link to ancient beliefs.
The top of the cave was smooth and majestic blue, because a hint of light was coming through the ice from the sun.
If so, that might hint at common feeding strategies that the two species were previously not known to share.
Other delights: scallops wrapped in prosciutto, pear sorbet, chocolate soufflé with a surprise hint of blue cheese.
It's a bit sweeter, with a hint of nuttiness, and is noticeably leaner and firmer.
But it offers a strong hint that a widely held view of bird evolution is wrong.
The two blue devices emit a furious cerulean with the slightest hint of violet.
Oh, and here's a hint: all answers can be found here on the blog.
The bar itself was done perfectly, firm and moist with the tiniest hint off crustiness.
Nothing in her relation to the kitchen offers the slightest hint that she has learned anything at all from her heroine.
There is one big hint outside to let travelers know they have found a special place.
Maybe there's a hint of danger on this side of the nightshade family, too.
The pies' dark crusts have an irredeemably doughy chew, and their filling is austere beef without a hint of spice.
One part is a normal definition of the answer, and the other is an additional hint about the answer's literal makeup.
It was a brisk morning, with clouds dappling the sky but no hint of rain.
There's no moisture, no hint of green left in the land.
The study results are disturbing because they hint that journals are changing the nature of research.
They feel no compelling need to rebel-not even a hint of one.
Hint: the headline is name checking a famous quote, not suggesting that this was a valid idea.
But they get the job done, and they hint at how more-complex systems might work.
The chart above might hint that job losses are coming, but consumer spending tells a different story.
Inmates who display the slightest hint of vulnerability quickly become prey.
It was a calm, sun-filled day, crossed by peaceful clouds that gave no hint of any natural disaster.
There was no hint in that photograph of what had once happened to the father.
The meat was lean and white, without a hint of gaminess.
During the time he served as her guardian, he got a hint of her past, a secret she had kept from her girlhood.
At the first hint of rain, though, somebody goes scrambling up a tall ladder to move the skylight cover back into place.
Before that, his only hint of precocity had been his authoritative war with jigsaw puzzles.
The vast newsroom was quiet-the place does not really come alive until about ten-thirty-but there was a hint of apprehension.
The tone is never accusatory, always teasing, but comes with a hint of shock.
Betraying no hint of boredom or resentment, he answered a succession of anodyne questions from reporters.
But there was a touch of melancholy, a hint of preoccupation, about his mood.
The manufacturer's involved, however, seem to be allowed to escape from any hint of liability.
These signatures purportedly hint at how healthy cells transform into tumours in the first place.
The only hint of infection was her elevated white-blood-cell count.
The molecule is also chemically similar to amphetamine, a hint that it might be one source of runner's high.
No one could offer so much as a hint to explain the discrepancies.
And when there's a hint of irony, it's all the better.
Here's a hint to bring some data rigor to the conversation.
But these studies only hint at the conditions that encourage cells to stay in groups.
The windows were all flung open, but there wasn't even the hint of a breeze, not even the slightest wind coming in from outside.
There is not a hint of the picturesque or of folkloric charm.
In that distaste lurked no small hint of preciousness.
The bathrooms are strangely graffiti-free, and contain no hint of the in-house commentary a visitor might wish to see.
To my surprise and disappointment, it was a watery brew, with only a hint of chocolate flavor.
Entertaining as the early episodes were, they gave little hint of the nocturnal sweep the show would attain.

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