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Example sentences for hinder

The last thing you want is for your colleague to hinder your own ability to meet deadlines.
There family roots in what was often viewed as a "crude" and undesirable culture did not hinder them.
This bacteria can be invasive and may hinder the recovery of the damaged reef.
It will hinder the efforts of all presidents henceforth.
He added that a lack of experience would not hinder his ability to fill in.
The weight didn't appear to hinder him professionally.
That has some administrators concerned that the measures could hinder their competitiveness as employers.
Infectious diseases hinder developing countries from developing.
He said the condition would not hinder his ability to do his job.
Have students individually list factors that would promote or hinder the spread of new strains of flu.
But future surface-mining and deep-mining operations on the mountain may hinder the towns' efforts to forge a new economic future.
How much it would help or hinder having heavy hump is the question.
It does not hinder her in performing her job duties.
They help to overcome the market failures that can hinder the takeup of new technologies.
And strong radio sources within our galaxy hinder exploration of that region with radio telescopes as well.
Regulating this will place boundaries upon its growth and hinder any real progress.
It forms the hinder limit of the posterior central gyrus.
The hinder of the two molars is the largest of all the deciduous teeth, and is succeeded by the second premolar.
But that does not hinder the government of mediocrity from being mediocre government.
They abstain from no pleasure that doth nothing hinder them from labour.
Psychology research shows that choice can hinder decision making.
You'd think the lack of opposable thumbs would hinder its tweeting ability.
Smoking is known to damage blood vessels and hinder proper blood flow, which can also affect erectile function.
People can improve or hinder their well-being, but they aren't likely to take long leaps in either direction from their set point.
For airports, the high cost and lack of space can hinder efforts to expand scanner use.
Crying is frowned upon, as they believe this may hinder the spirit from reaching heaven.
So in general, it should help rather than hinder the global recovery.
And freedom to organise can help, not hinder, the country's economic rise.
His illness will probably hinder his campaign, undermining his image of invincibility.
But opponents of this strategy call it a distraction that could hinder the renewal of the nuclear power industry.
Politics within the government can help or hinder deficit reduction.
Online conversations can also help or hinder opening weekends for movies and the ratings for politicians.

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