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Example sentences for hilt

The other parts of the hilt are in proper keeping, the grip terminating in an eagle, splendidly sculptured.
Everyone from grande dames to small children turn out hatted, gloved and generally dressed to the hilt.
The knuckles of the officer's fist around his sword hilt were white.
Furthermore, here's one movie circus that is not mortgaged to the hilt or terrorized by escaping animals.
If you want to dress to the hilt but do not want to pack a tux, visit your ship's website.
The parks are decorated to the hilt and special concerts and events are included in the admission fee.
In order to work the dagger, you press a red jewel on the hilt, which suspiciously resembles a button on a game controller.
They operated out of the trunks of their beat-up cars with the back seats also piled to the hilt with merchandise.
Farmers mortgaged their plantations to the hilt, so that they could replant and begin farming again.

Famous quotes containing the word hilt

Never be afraid to meet to the hilt the demand of either work or friendship—two of life's major assets.... more
The triumphs of peace have been in some proximity to war. Whilst the hand was still familiar with the sword-hiltmore
Hemingway, wrote [Edmund] Wilson, was "his own worst-drawn character," by which we must assume that this hunter-bullfigh... more
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