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Peninsulas or a hilly landscape can act as natural barrier and help to defend the city against enemies.
Of course, taking gears out of the picture can make riding a lot less fun, if not downright miserable for those in hilly areas.
Hill hold feature takes the stress out of manual shifting during hilly city driving.
Buildings and hilly terrain allow overhead shots and pans that take in a whole scene.
He cannot see far, because the land is hilly and forested.
Prefab buildings in primary colours are scattered over a rocky and hilly terrain.
Here and there, those hilly plains are interrupted by underwater mountains called seamounts.
The surrounding hilly regions may not be so lucky, he added.
Hilly woods dotted with imperial pavilions now serving as tea houses and exhibition sites.
Speeds are posted in kilometers, and roads are often hilly and winding.
Hilly uplands and mountains rise in some areas of the interior.
It is hilly country, and you hear the notes of the different birds echoing and deceiving you.
Remaining hilly terrain is largely obscured by urban development.
The area is situated on a hilly, isolated peninsula northwest of downtown.
It has volcanic origins and is small, hilly and without trees.
Turn there for a leaf detour down hilly, tree-lined roads with patches of wildflowers.
In hilly and mountainous areas, a flood may come scant minutes after a heavy rain.
Some parts of the region are flat while others are hilly.
Flash floods more often occur in mountain streams, hilly areas or flooding of dry washes.
As more people populate hilly areas of the west, the potential for damage from debris flows increases.
The local terrain is mostly forested and hilly with with a several farms and small businesses.
Hilly with some gently sloping ridge tops, forested in hardwoods.
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