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Then he fled to the hills, where he hid out in peasants' sheds for three months.
As a result, the rider can take on hills or long stretches of road without breaking a sweat, should he or she so decide.
The result: underwater mountains and hills all along the axis of the mid-ocean ridge.
It is an intellectual's fantasy, a flight purely of the imagination, one philosophically as old as the hills.
And when you see clouds upon the hills, there soon will be crowds of daffodils.
He began following the elevation, working backward toward the hills.
We chose a quiet dip between two hills, a spot where drivers were almost required to skid out of control.
Smoldering hills of sawdust landfill send white smoke across the bridge, which mixes with diesel exhaust from the traffic.
The four ran into the hills and began a decades-long insurgency extending well past the end of the war.
It is clear that paying for medical care for old people involves much more than paying a few hills.
Hike up in the hills and you practically stumble on tunnels abandoned during the gold fever search for big-ger and better.
However, since the avenue sloped up and down some hills, it wouldn't have been able to hold water.
It's from these vantage points on hills and in tall buildings that incredible footage was captured on video.
Dark green hills and rugged shorelines create a superb setting for walking adventures in this maritime gem.
In the spring fire swept across the hills, blackening them.
It simply means that nobody asks you to pay when, for example, you watch a beautiful sunset over the hills.
Radiation levels in the hills are so high that villagers dare not go near them.
With idyllic beaches, volcanic hills and plentiful cocoa, the new president may even be able make good his promise.
Unlike national boundaries, linguistic boundaries should form only in the valleys of his colour globe, never over the hills.
Emile had enlisted him, cycling over the hills to fetch him, because his father was threatening to plant the field.
Outside, there are the added problems of foliage, tall buildings and hills.
The steep hills opposite bear the scars of quarrying.
First, it's long, and therefore stable on hills and other rough-terrain.
Streets flooded, and houses slid off oceanside hills.
After breakfast you can rummage through collections of dinosaur bones, go bird-watching, or hike in the hills.
There may be water-and even life-in them there hills.
The sunset left a lovely pink hue over the hills across the lake.
My companion walking parallel to me has to go up and down the hills, and so walks further.
Watching the stars at his brothers shack in the hills.
Temporary wooden dwellings clustered at the base of the conical hills.
Every other outpost on this frontier had observation posts up in the hills to spot potential trouble.

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