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Example sentences for hill

The personal computer has been king of the hill for over a decade.
Paying no attention, the visitors straggle up the hill.
You're struggling up a hill halfway through a ten-mile race.
It really does resemble a castle and it really is on a hill.
It is the sun's energy that pumps the water up hill to be stored for later use.
Participants were instructed to look down the hill and judge, both visually and manually, its grade.
We follow a knot of workmen up the hill to rectangular pits shaded by a corrugated steel roof-the main excavation site.
If you drive to the foot of this hill and put your car in neutral you will roll up the hill.
On race day, each heat consists of two trips down the hill.
If you kick a soccer ball up a hill too slowly, it will come back down.
Some describe how their cars' battery can suddenly die while trying to overtake or labour up a hill.
It was less a finished product than an evolving piece of the hill.
But the end product didn't amount to a hill of beans to many traders-they wanted the means of production.
Fishermen mend their nets under coconut palms, children play and music drifts from the church on the hill.
Putting people off-center, maybe looking out at the vista, or hiking down the hill are all good solutions.
Their burrows dotted the landscape on both sides of us, their quick whistles raised the alarm from hill to hill.
While you are climbing up, you can't see anything except the hill above you.
The periodic population explosions and crashes allow for non hill climbing exploration of the search space.
Of course, they have a yard and a hill they can run up and down, but that is not exercise.
View from the top of a hill of the border and the desert.
The solitary herdsman-cheese-maker establishes himself and his herd on the lone hill-side.
The workweek is a conceived as a hill with midweek representing the highest point.
Have a coast mode so when you are driving down hill that momentum can charge the battery.
But before she got to the bottom of the hill a bush caught her dress.
The hill became steep for the quiet old father, and with the boys away there was little to do in the valley.

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