hilarious in a sentence

Example sentences for hilarious

People who aren't funny at all think they are hilarious.
It's hilarious that that's what you chose to respond to.
The author never minces words, and the result is gross, hilarious and true-to-life.
He alternates hilarious monologs with clerver songs, nearly all on a high laugh level.
The path has been strewn with anxious moments and hilarious encounters.
This is among your most hilarious assumptions.
The double entendres were absolutely hilarious!
Her personal tale is a mix of the ordinary, the tragic, the hilarious.
On the bright side, watching your soon-to-be former colleagues feign a casual demeanor can be hilarious.
It was hilarious but not that well received.
His words struck me as hilarious and intuitive.
There are hilarious stories of travelers meeting in inns and having eating races.
His goddesses were complicated: at once frightening and hilarious, ancient and contemporary.
He encounters an often hilarious and bawdy but ultimately bleak metropolis that looks and sounds disturbingly familiar.
It's a vertiginous experience that grows increasingly hilarious, and the joke is on us.
He collected in his papers, accounts of people who thought this was hilarious.
Fortunately you are not only wrong, you are wrong to the point it is hilarious you cannot see it for yourself.
On the one hand it is hilarious to read the comments.
They are hilarious and enormously engaging on this snowy day.
Ha ha, it's kind of hilarious to see the lecturers who teach hundreds of students a year getting the super-high ratings.
The best part of this article has been the comments, many of which are hilarious.
He rarely displayed speed-of-light intellectual skills or warmed an audience with hilarious anecdotes.
The headline of the post is utterly hilarious, thank you for a minute of good laugh.
With her flair for mimicry, the actress is clearly aware of such nuances, and many of her line readings here are hilarious.
Invective-hilarious, acidulous invective, often served up with false apologies-is everywhere.
No poignant or hilarious war stories about making this movie or appearing in that play.
Fiery explosions, beautiful reactions, and hilarious music videos are great reasons to be excited about chemistry.
Math geeks, however, will find that number hilarious because of something that happened about a century ago.
Hilarious celebrity voices keep you laughing all the way to your destination.
When they could edit him for the auditions, he was pretty hilarious.
He's heartbreaking and hilarious on the same page, and it's written with great emotion and intimacy.
The only thing hilarious is that he thinks he is triumphantly comparing similar concepts.
He is friendly, hilarious and will talk about pretty much anything.
Wait till you read these slightly altered and often hilarious versions.
Byrnes gave a series of presentations at the district combining safety tips with a hilarious stand-up comedy routine.
Some of these are humorously wrought, some are comic and a few are simply hilarious.
The hilarious mystery has many characters with enough opportunity, motive and weaponry to do the murderous deed.
There are hilarious stories, and stories of deep emotion, covering the range of trout season.
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